10 Best Student Services Online

Online student services or academic services are the most happening things in the world of education. Various factors have influenced the growth of these services with internet invasion and busy parents being the primary ones. These student services can vary from complete online resources for students studying in different grades and courses to help for completing homework assignments. Choosing the right online student service for your child will depend on your child’s needs and your budget as well. Here are 10 best student services online for you to choose from.



STIZZiL is an online portal that offers both group and individual tutoring services to students of all ages. The service provides the best of teacher-student match and assesses the student through a survey form before customizing the lessons for him/her. The portal also uses the latest in interactive web tools and instructional designing to widen its reach.

All sessions are recorded and stored for retrieval by both the student and the teacher to enable effective reviews. The service is available at a premium but is worth every buck because of the high quality of teachers who enroll for the programs. The portal offers one free demo session to give a fair idea of the teaching methods employed.

2. Eduboard


Eduboard is an online service for students that caters to resource requirements in more than 32 subjects. Special focus is placed on core subjects like Science, Math, Computer Science and English writing skills. This online student service despite being a newbie to the industry has carved a special place for itself due to its efficiency and effectiveness of product delivery. Eduboard provides individual tutoring service to students of all grades. The services extended by Eduboard include – ‘Get an Answer’ Module and tutoring services through audio-chat enabled with whiteboard.

The service charges about $20 per session and anywhere between $2 to $10 for an answer on the ‘Get an Answer’ Module. There is also scope for negotiation on the price with the teacher or the professor’s consent. Students can also choose a tutor based on the professional experience and their price quotes. All these can be done right from the comfort of your living room through the home page of Eduboard.

3. Tutor.com


Tutor.com is another student services company that offers tutors to cater to a wide variety of disciplines. The programs offered by them are very popular among students of all age groups, from elementary to university. Their highly efficient online interface allows students to login to any tutor of their choice in a matter of few minutes. An hour long session can cost about $39. Tutor.com makes sure that quick help is available just around the corner. Instant help is its USP and hence works better for those who need help with homework.

4. TutorVista.com


Tutor vista’s online student service is modeled around long term, scheduled and fixed tutoring sessions at reasonable prices. Covering all disciplines of study from elementary to K-12 and beyond, though particularly sought after by students in higher grades. The service makes sure that all its tutors are graduates and pass stringent certification programs before getting trained to deliver. The tutors are required to provide assessment tests before taking on any client as a student. The service is particularly useful for those who like to enroll on a monthly basis as this service comes at an affordable price of $125/month.

5. Growingstars.com


The portal offers tutoring services of good quality with a wide subject range on board. Popular among the K-12 segment, the online student service also provides monthly packages at $120 for 8 sessions. Their audio-video web classes are supported by an excellent customer service. Growing stars stands as a competition for many of the other portal due to its good quality at affordable prices, topped with excellent service.

6. TutaPoint


Tutapoint is highly rated for its real-time interface, curriculum quality and consistent output. It not only offers services for help in regular school work but also helps prepare for special qualifying examinations like ACT and SAT. There are special programs for foreign language learners as well. Teachers at Tutapoint are qualified and certified tutors and based out of USA which makes the service one of the best. Their customer support is one o the best in the industry.

7. InstaEDU


Specializing in school curriculum, InstaEDU offers excellent course material for middle and high school students. Depending on the duration of sessions, the service offers 3 flexible subscription plans. All plans are weekly and renewable. Starting at 15 minutes, one can go for a weekly package or stick with a pay by minute rate card. Since InstaEDU gets requests from students of top colleges, only the best of tutors are employed. Tutor profiles are available on the InstaEDU website so that students can enroll with the teacher of their choice. Their 24/7, 365 days customer service department makes it convenient for students to access them anytime of the day or night.

8. MindLaunch


Mind Launch is another good online tutoring service that provides teaching aid to different student categories with different needs. From group to private sessions, plans are available based on the requirement of the student. Prices of these courses also vary with the type of program and the plan enrolled for. They also have online counseling services for those looking to find career guidance. The portal also encourages parents to be involved in the process of choosing teachers and plans and become a part of their studies. Emphasis is also laid on guidance for extracurricular activities. Brainstorming and interactive sessions form the USP of Mind Launch.

9. eTutor


Etutor has two services in place – one targeted at homeschooled students and the other for homework help to regular school going children. The site’s USP is its super secure site that makes its enticing to subscribe to. It functions 24×7 and all through the year, making it easy to fit into any schedule. One-on-one tutors are also available for up to K-12 grades. Preparation for SAT is another service offered through this site. Replete with FAQ site and excellent customer service, etutor is definitely a choice for most students and parents as well.

10. Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning

Sylvan Learning has special focus on developing a child’s academic skill sets. They have customizable learning plans and allow parents to set academic goals for their child. Based on these goals, dedicated tutors plan out a schedule and coach to reach these goals. They also have a unique pricing plan where sessions are fixed based on your budget. The parents can interact with teachers and chat with them online to get updates about the performance of the student and the progress of the sessions. Finally, it caters to all grades up to K-12 and helps prepare for SAT and ACT examinations.

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