Category: Accounting Careers

Financial Accountant Career

A financial accountant provides auditing and financial advice to companies, individuals, governmental organisations etc. By taking up this field, one can either work as a private accountancy or a public accountant. A Financial Accountant is an individual who has done specialization in accountancy by first completing a bachelor’s program and then opting for master’s degree […]

Payroll Analyst Career

A payroll analyst is an employee of a company who is employed to ensure that all the activities at the work place are being done according to the fiscal derivatives and regulations and rules are being followed in a disciplined manner. A payroll analyst is also responsible for ensuring the salary structure is unbiased and […]

Actuarial Career

Actuaries are individuals who are required to analyze given data and then pass verdicts and make decisions about the chances of a financial disaster. An actuary is expected to be good at mathematics, finance and statistics. The career of an actuary can be compared to that of a risk manager who too has to study […]

Tax Accountant Career

A Tax Accountant has the primary responsibility of either helping people or advising them about filling their taxes or is also sometimes hired by business organisations and individuals to file taxes in the proper and correct manner. A tax accountant must be well educated as far as accounting and finance studies are concerned and should […]

Commodities Trader Career

A Commodities trader is a person who is responsible for selling and buying products and securities either independently or through a company’s trading department. They are also required to manage the accounts for the clients and have to provide both investment related and financial advice to the firm for which they are working. There are […]

Security Auditor Career

Career Description: A security auditor generally embarks on a career of investigating and checking the various policies and systems operating in different companies so as to judge their security levels and provide reports accordingly. The job of a security auditor involves the task of scrutinizing every minute detail of the respective process, product, or service […]

Insurance Auditor Career

Career description: The insurance auditor is one who either works for insurance companies or are independent contractors under different organizations. This job specifically deals with reviewing insurance organizations’ terms and policies in order make certain that the premiums that are paid to the companies are in accordance with the actual exposure to loss. This varies […]

Trainee Accountant Career

Career description: A trainee accountant is expected to complete all the tasks of the accountant at a primary level, and is usually associated with companies, institutions and bodies for a temporary period of time. This is a career which combines education along with on-the-job training. A trainee accountant has to work under a supervisor and […]

Forensic Accountant Career

Career description: A forensic accountant is one who identifies and investigates illegal activities in companies. A forensic accountant investigates different types of fraudulent activities such as tax crimes, money laundering and employee fraud. A forensic accountant is one who requires the ability to investigate and assist in litigation process, along with the knowledge in accounting […]

Industry Accountant Career Path

Career description: An Industrial accountant will ideally need to maintain financial information and prepare reports for portraying the financial being of the company in the form of asset records, profit and loss, tax and other activities in the organization pertaining to finance. The Industry Accountant is responsible for providing data about the finance of the […]