Category: Administration Careers

Commercial Property Agent Career

A commercial property agent is an individual who assist buyers in purchasing properties and also helps the seller’s in selling out their properties to prospective buyers. These agents acts like middlemen and take forward the transaction to earn commission on commercial properties. They also determine and evaluate the potential of different types of properties and […]

Library Assistant Career

A library assistant is one who provides support to the services being offered in a library. The primary duty of a library assistant is to maintain the rules and regulations of the library under the guidance of the chief librarian. The candidate should be very organized and have articulate skills to maintain the activities in […]

Network Systems Administrator Career

Career description: The network systems administrator is a professional who is in charge of operating and maintaining a computer system or network. These administrators are part of the Electronics and Communication engineering department as well as Information Technology industry. The duties vary as per the organization. He or she has to support, maintain and install […]

Payroll Administrator Career

Career description: A payroll administrator is a clerk who is responsible for ensuring that the concerned people are paid on time and as per the company policies. This is a job which requires the individual to have good office skills such as proficiency in computer usage. The payroll administrator must work accurately when it comes […]

Health Service Administrator Career

Career description: Health service administration is a very wide field with several branches and offshoots. The administrator of a large healthcare service provider will have several departments under him, and will need the help of assistant administrators. Some of these branches include nursing, hospital, assisted living, doctor’s office, outpatient departments and so on. Health service […]

Nursing Home Administrator Career

Career description: A nursing home administrator career entails several responsibilities. Such a person is not only in charge of the nursing home on a daily basis, but also responsible for the health and happiness of each patient or resident of the nursing home. Apart from this, there are several clerical and administration jobs like nursing […]

International Trade Administration Career

Career description: International Trade Administration (ITA) is an agency in the United States Department of Commerce whose mission is to foster economic growth and prosperity through global trade. International trade incorporates a number of fields such as agriculture, manufacturing, sales, finance, transportation, law and accounting. International trade requires knowledge in economics and also about the […]

Transportation Safety Administration Career

Career description: The Transport Safety Administration is a department in the transportation system that aims at making sure that transportation is made safe for the public. The department of safety administration has laid a set of guidelines to be maintained in the transportation system. A career in transport administration helps the candidate find jobs as […]

Transportation Security Administration Career

Career description: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is an agency in the United States which was created to strengthen the security of the nation’s transportation Systems. There are guiding principles established by the TSA to maintain the security of the traveling public and has set excellent standards in security. The workforce of Transportation Security Administration mostly […]

Clinical Research Administration Career

Career description: Clinical research is a branch of medical science that focuses on the safety and effectiveness of medicines and devices that are intended for human use and also makes sure that all the safety regulations and laws are followed. Clinical research professionals supervise and administer clinical trials for medicines, devices and other products that […]