Category: Agriculture Careers

Agricultural Economist Career

An agricultural economist is one who analyzes the usage of land and crop cultivation. The primary duty of an agricultural economist is to provide solutions for enhancement of crop yield along with helping in maintaining the ecosystem by proper utilization of soil resources. Other duties that the candidate fulfills are assessment of the production, consumption […]

Agriculture Careers

Agriculture in the USA is one of the oldest industries and is also among the world’s largest and most productive sectors.  Agriculture industry is a huge one and includes production of most types of food, like milk, vegetables, meat etc. Agricultural industry is a huge industry, and there are a number of options available in this […]

Agronomist Worker Career

The agronomist worker career is involved in the improvement of crop growth and production as well as soil management. The agronomist worker provides assistance and support to farmers making sure that they are using their land efficiently. He provides famers with methods and strategies based on research.  The agronomist is tasked to identify problems and […]

Dairy Herdsman Career

The dairy herdsman career revolves around the maintenance and breeding of dairy cattle.  One is tasked to work on beef cattle as well. The tasks and responsibilities of a dairy herdsman covers feeding and watering, maintaining of equipment, cleaning of living areas, breeding cattle, providing healthcare and shots, and handle routine procedures in the farm.  […]

Zoo Keeper Career

A zoo houses various types of animals.  It aims to provide a natural habitat for the animal to survive. Taking care of the needs of these animals is the zoo keeper.  The zoo keeper is to feed and clean the animals, clean cages or area, observe animal behavior, prepare reports and breeding plans, take care […]

Wildlife Biologist Career

The career of a wildlife biologist may entail one to do laboratory work or special projects.  A wildlife biologist may be tasked to work on conservation projects to protect wildlife from extinction.  The responsibilities and duties of a wildlife biologist includes studying living organisms, investigate and research on ways to protect the environment, collect samples […]

Plant Nursery Worker Career

The supply of plants, tress, and ornamentals to retail stores, flower shop owners, and landscapers come from plant nurseries.  Plant nurseries may also sell directly to consumers.  To attend to all plant needs and nursery maintenance is the plant nursery worker.  The plant nursery worker is tasked to plant, grow, and tend plants for selling. […]

Irrigation Technician Career

The irrigation technician career involves the maintenance of existing irrigation systems and the installations of new ones.  The responsibilities and duties of an irrigation technician also includes doing different planting practices, operating and using different tools or equipment, maintaining and trimming plants, maintaining and cleaning the whole garden or area, beautifying the area, and use […]

Irrigation Manager Career

The career if an irrigation manager revolves around the supervision and maintenance of farm irrigation systems.  Aside from this, he is tasked to review contracts making sure that all services and requirements are delivered.  His other responsibilities include attending to customer queries, negotiate with customers, prepare costing and estimates, supervise and direct staff, schedule activities, […]

Horticulture Worker Career

The horticulture worker is involved in growing and selling various types of plants.  He is in charge of preparing the seed beds, planting practices as well as soil preparation.  He is tasked to handle deliveries such as gardening tools and products, soil and other planting items.  The horticulture worker is also responsible for applying pesticides […]