Category: Analyst Careers

SAP Business Analyst Career

Career Description The task of a SAP business analyst is to plan such software that serve the client firm in working efficiently and reaching their desired standards. The varying sort of clients served by a SAP business analyst includes the finance firms, manufacturing and purchasing firms, companies dealing with the information and technology sector. A […]

Marketing Data Analyst Career

Career Description A marketing data analyst is one who undertakes research of the marketing data in a company. The candidate has many responsibilities such as analyze the marketing data, provide research based suggestions for product development, provide data sourcing analysis, present marketing research data analysis report and lastly liaison with clients for better marketing data […]

Criminal Intelligence Analyst Career

A criminal intelligence analyst career is a very exciting and specialized one. Such an individual helps the various law-enforcing agencies in analyzing a criminal’s statements, physical reactions and behavioral tendencies in order to arrive at certain assumptions about a particular case. The field is incredibly sophisticated, especially with the advent of new technology. The task […]

Competitive Intelligence Analyst Career

A competitive intelligence analyst is involved with the day to day running of a business enterprise, product development, product marketing, and market analysis and so on. This is both a job which is involved in all aspects of a business as well as a job which is quite niche. The job is an extremely challenging […]

Capital Market Analyst Career

Capital market analyst is primarily a number crunching job. A capital market analyst is involved with various brokerage firms and equity investment companies. Such a person provides information for customers, brokers, traders and sales staff and generally helps in the flow of cash which is the mainstay of this industry. The job is a challenging […]

Marketing Campaign Analyst Career

A marketing campaign analyst is involved in a number of tasks which include project concept development, checking the impact the marketing campaign has on the targeted audience, providing suggestions for improvement and consolidation of market campaigns and so on. The job is a creatively satisfying one and involves a lot of skill and hard work. […]

Actuarial Analyst Career

An actuarial is involved in predicting the risks for investment agents, policy makers, and insurance companies and so on. They follow a complex mathematical system to do the same and need to have a very strong base in mathematics, statistics and other related subjects. Pension and annual actuarial concepts are the two fields into which […]

Performance Analyst Career

Career description: The job of a performance analyst, as expressed in general terms, is to assess the performance of a certain company, or its product(s) and/or service(s). A performance analyst can be appointed to examine the functioning of some machinery or the execution of some newly developed process or the working of a certain software […]

Real Estate Investment Analyst Career

Real estate investment analyst is a professional who makes investment decisions concerning real estate. This job deals with creating processes and optimizing current portfolio of investors. It is important to find out the information regarding financial projects and collate, compile and analyze the information of every aspect. This involves valuation modeling, financial analysis and cash […]

Technical Support Analyst Career

Career Description: A technical analyst is in charge of providing support and guidance to workers within a company, with regards to information technology. IT has helped increase communications within a corporation, provided that all workers are comfortable using it. This support is provided by the technical support analyst, who, in case of problems he cannot […]