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Arts Careers

Art careers are open to anybody with creative talent.  Art is a very broad category and can include various fields.  These careers offer a wide array of paths and one can choose a career path according to one’s aptitudes and interests. You can become an artist even if you don’t have formal education.  However, it is […]

Art Consultant Career

Career Description An art consultant is required to function with national and international galleries, recognized and general artists in order to gather a vast array of art pieces for their clients. They need to examine every art piece minutely. He/she has to work on skills to make his / her work astonishing. How to become […]

Art Conservator Career

Being an art conservator would mean to be surrounded with the mesmerizing art forms. In this job, one would be required to put up his/her creative and technical skills together in order to perform the tasks efficiently. One would be required to have a keen eye as the job would include everything right from taking […]

Arabic Translation Career

Career Description: Arabic translators are highly sought after as the requirements of this language are great in today’s world. The job of an Arabic translator is to translate various dialects and types of Arabic language to other languages. The translator must be aware of the Middle East and African customs and should be able to […]

Game Artist Career

Career Description: The job of a game artist is to create computer and video games. They not just create the layout of the game but also think and design the plot theme and the rules that the game will contain. Creating audio and video portions of the game is also their job and a great […]

Production Artist Career

Career Description: A production artist’s work is to contribute the artistic aspects of a project, like designs of a print advertisement, television advertisements, films, etc. Production artists may not always contribute the designs, but reviews them and suggests changes. They contribute more as analysts of designs and guide the design team. How to become a […]

Television Producer Career

Career Description: A television producer is the person who leads the production unit of television series. Television producers have a broad range of duties as they have to make sure the unit is doing their work as required. The producer supervises everything, from the script, to the sets, to the cast. The producer is the […]

Voice Actor Career

Voice acting is an art of providing voices to characters in films, television, video games etc. Voice acting is a talent of offering voice to radio and audio dramas. The commercials on radio and television require voice actors to advertise their products in an effective and inspiring manner. Voice actors are also required for dubbing […]

Tattoo Artist Career

Career description:- A tattoo artist is required to design life resembling images on the body of their clients. The job position offers an intellectual joy of indulging in creative works. They consult their clients on what sort of images the client wants and then work accordingly. The color, shape, placement and designing of the tattoo […]

Special Effects Artist Career

Career Description Art has been an integral part of the human life. From cave paintings of the Paleolithic age to the graphic designs of today, everything around us that has been created and innovated can be considered art. And the ones who dwell within art are known as artists. As art has evolved, so have […]