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Business Process Consultant Career

Career Description Business process consultants are the professionals who provide advice and analysis for the productivity enhancement in any organisation. The consultants can offer their consulting services in the general aspect of business or in any specific business aspect. To become a Business process consultant one must have a business degree along with understanding about […]

Business Risk Consultant Career

Career Description Business Risk consultants are the experts who analyze the statistical data to avoid any financially detrimental incidents. They are the professionals who have thorough know-how about business, finance and mathematics. The specialised consultants try to devise the policies to minimise the risk in any organisation. Business risk consultant could specialise in any of […]

Business Financial Management Career

Career Description: The position of a business financial manager is identical to that of a treasurer in a non-profit organization. Business financial managers, broadly, manage funds in such a way that it extracts the maximum return from investment while at the same time minimizing the risks. He has to ensure that an adequate control mechanism […]

Business Process Management Career

Career Description: Business process management focuses on the end-to-end processes so as to achieve the desired outcomes that include results as desired or perceived by the customers of the company or organization. It can be described as a structured approach towards continuous improvement via forging an increased value for the customer through measures that truly […]

Business Intelligence Analyst Career

Career Description: Business intelligence analysts provides an organization with accurate and timely analysis and profiles on competition, general industry trends, market effectiveness and strategies for improving sales. They collect and analyze data from several internal and external sources and analyze them for actionable marketing and sales competitive information tools. The business intelligence analyst works individually […]

Business Technology Analyst Career

Career Description: Business technology analysts usually work as independent consultants or are hired by companies and help in improving business performance via the use of information technology (IT). Their work involves making a company more effective, profitable and efficient. As per Boston University Corporate Education Center, a business technology analyst works with business managers for […]

Business Economist Career

Career Description: Business economists study how markets distribute their resources like land, raw materials, human resources, capital etc. for creating goods and services. Business economists are hired by an exhaustive variety of organizations that include investment corporations, government agencies, banks, nor-profit organizations, think tanks, non-banking financial corporations and others. The common duties of a business […]

Business Careers

Businessis such an all encompassing field that it touches almost all aspects of our day to day activities.  So it is not surprising that Business careersare among the most popular careers today.  More and more candidates take the option of business courses over other career courses.  As Business is such a broad category, there are […]

Business Intelligence Career

Career Description Business intelligence is that field of work where decisions are taken by considering various collected information.  The growth of any business organization largely depends upon the correct decisions taken by them which can only be done with the help of large amount of data that is gathered. Thus organizing the collected data in […]

Business Valuation Career

Career Description: Business Valuation is the process which is aimed at accessing the current value of the business through economic factors with the help of various different methods. The business valuation is done so that investors as well as the owners become aware about the standing of the business in the market. The person who […]