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Call Center Careers

You will spend most of your time on the telephone since the main part of the job consists of handling numerous calls throughout the day in call center careers. You will generate or receive these calls. If you cannot answer a particular question, you can transfer the call to a more appropriate person who has […]

Contact Center Outbound Specialist Career

The role of a contact center outbound specialist can be categorized under customer service as well as sales. As a contact center outbound specialist, one is responsible for contacting existing and prospective customers in a bid to introduce company products and services to them. They need to achieve target number of calls in a day […]

Inbound Call Center Agent Career

The role and responsibilities of an inbound call center agent revolves mainly around the call center customers. The primary responsibilities include answering calls professionally, responding and replying to customer inquiries, troubleshooting and resolving customer complaints, processing customer orders and applications, escalating priority issues to their superiors, and producing call reports. Inbound call center agent career […]

HR Call Center Analyst Career

As an HR call center analyst, one will be responsible for providing high quality support to call center managers as well as employees and other staff. The primary role of a HR call center analyst is to strengthen their working relationship with the employees of the organization in such a way that it creates a […]

Call Center Sales Manager Career

Call center sales managers have a very challenging job as they need to create a fine balance between call center operations and sales and marketing. They have to run and manage daily operations of a call center using resources at hand and at the same time show profitable growth or sales. As a call center […]

Call Center Senior Engineer Career

A call center senior engineer career revolves around working closely with call center operation support teams in designing, developing, implementing and maintaining integrated solutions. They have to provide necessary support to existing applications of call center operations and handle software or hardware upgrades and troubleshoot wherever required. A call center senior engineer will also be […]

Call Centre Service Specialist Career

Career Description: The job of a call centre service specialist is to handle technical issues like handling emails from customers and replying to them, making telephone calls and receiving telephone calls, resolving generic customer issues, and directing customer calls to the appropriate executives. Candidates should be well aware of call centre operations and should be […]

Call Centre Consultant Career

Career Description: The job of a call centre consultant is to understand the present and future business strategies of a call centre and provide recommendations to improve them so that they can build a leading edge against their competitors. The call centre consultant studies the business processes of a call centre thoroughly and take necessary […]

Call Centre Process Specialist Career

Career Description: A cell centre process specialist is a professional who analyses the call centre processes and tries to improve them so that the efficiency of the call centre department can be improved. The job of a cell centre process specialist is a specialized job as it involved understanding the technical details of conducting various […]

Call Centre Workforce Scheduler Career

Career Description: A call centre workforce scheduler is a professional who allocates work schedule to different call centre representatives. He assigns the duties and shifts to the call centre representatives according to the business requirements and the candidate‚Äôs preferred timings. He oversees proper staffing of the call centre at all times during the day so […]