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Veterinary Receptionist Career

A veterinary receptionist is a person who works in a veterinary center or vet clinic as a receptionist and handles calls and inquiries, directs clients and performs many other such duties. To become a veterinary receptionist, one must have good communication skills and also knowledge about pets and animals to be able to help the […]

Looking for a TEFL Job Overseas? Do Your Research

Teaching English at an overseas school can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Not only do you have the life-changing experience of living and working in a different culture, you gain the personal fulfillment that comes along with helping others reach their goals of speaking, reading and writing English. Considering that […]

How Unemployment Can Expand Your Career Options

It’s the news that no one ever wants to receive: you’re out of a job. Whether you’re out of work due to layoffs or because you were fired, the idea of not being employed can be nerve-wracking at the least and completely panic-inducing at worst. How will you pay the bills? How will you find […]

Top Careers for 2013 and Beyond

If you are at a phase where you are deciding which is the best career path to take, then you have reached the right place. This article is particularly for those who are looking at career options and in the process of choosing the one that is right not just by their preference, but also […]

Top 10 Social Sites for Finding Jobs

Social networking sites are the latest and best ways of finding jobs. We have attempted listing top 10 social sites that can help you land a job faster than you can imagine. 1. LinkedIn Ranked on top of every social site list, LinkedIn is a hotspot for job seekers around the world. With more than […]

Want to Transition Successfully? Start Planning Before You Start Transitioning!

The current U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) recommendation for transitioning military is to begin your transition planning a full 12-24 months before the first day of your actual transition process. This recommendation is based on many decades of studying the challenges and opportunities of the transition process. Veterans who have successfully navigated the transition process […]

5 Business School Trends for 2013 and Beyond

There’s no denying that business, and business school, has changed over the past few decades. Changes in society, economic meltdowns and an expanded global business climate have led many business schools to change their approaches to instruction. Instead of focusing on accounting and finance, as they did before, today’s MBA programs offer a new focus […]

Should you be Worried to Make a Personal Injury Claim Against Your Employer?

There are many people every year who fall victim to accidents and injuries while out of the home. A great many of these injuries and accidents take place in the workplace. While some of these mishaps are only slight and do not cause any real injury, others can be far more serious. This can result […]

Why Earning A Graduate Degree Now Has Never Been so Easy

As the economy gets progressively better, the job market is blossoming with new jobs and opportunities; however, the competition is also on the job hunt looking for the next best position. With new technologies, changing publics and shifting consumer markets, new positions with larger pay, bigger responsibilities and higher stakes have opened for new potentially […]

What Are the Types of Nursing Careers

Nursing career is not just restricted to the nurses taking care of the patients’ routine needs such as helping them brush, changing their clothes, sponging them, checking their body temperature, changing drips, etc but it has a wide scope. These are the general duties that a nursing staff is required to handle. Apart from this, […]