Category: Construction Careers

Real Estate Sales Agent Career

A real estate sales agent is a person who works for a real estate company or a property dealer as a sales executive and tries to sell as many properties as possible. One has to fulfil a lot of duties and responsibilities as a sales agent for real estate and some of them include to […]

Glaziers Installing Career

Glaziers are the professionals who do the installation of glasses and metals for any construction related work. Installing and repairing shower glasses, window glasses, mirrors and metals are their key work. A Glazier can be a salaried employee of a renowned construction company or he/she can choose an individual career of their own as well. […]

Line Worker Career

Line workers are the professionals who deal with line construction and maintenance in places like the factories and warehouses of the manufacturing industry like automotive plants, food and beverage processing plants and also in electronics plants. The whole process involved in this line worker’s daily job life is full of huge responsibilities. How to become […]

Dredge Operators Career

Career Description A dredge operator is one who operates dredging machines to remove material like sand, gravel, and stones from rivers, lakes and streams. By doing this they make the waterways navigable. This job requires them to operate machinery that are power operated as well as manual. As a dredge operator one must be physically […]

Excavation Managers Career

An excavation manager is responsible for directing a team of earth-moving professionals who digs the pipelines and other residential and non-residential constructions. Day by day the construction businesses are becoming more complex and the needs for specialized managers are increasing for the same reason. This excavation manager is the one who takes the responsibility of […]

Fence Erectors Career

A fence erector is responsible for designing, building and installing fences. This is a laborious job profile, so all the people who get into this field make sure that they have a sturdy health and are able to bear heat, rain and cold weather. While some are engaged in just designing, some concentrate on installing […]

Structural Surveyor Career

Career Description: Structural surveyors lend professional advice regarding property and construction that usually spans across commercial, residential, leisure, industrial and agricultural projects. They work on designing and developing new buildings as also the maintenance and restoration of the existing ones. It’s a very vast field and often includes advising on several aspects of the building […]

Building Architect Career

Career Description: Building architects are licensed professionals who design structures and building for various uses. The include office and retail buildings. Besides the aesthetics, building architects have to consider an array of issues during the designing process like building codes, functionality, construction costs and safety regulations. Building architects work in offices to develop building plans […]

Construction Cost Estimator Career

Career Description: Construction cost estimators are professionals who prepare cost estimates of commercial, municipal and residential building projects. The estimator has to rely upon the use of construction plans as well as his own experience for preparing and analyzing the project spending and budgets. How to become a construction cost estimator: A degree is construction […]

Building Designer Career

Career Description: Building designer, like architects, create designs for new building and also for remodeling projects that comply with the building codes and also meet the specifications as well as the demands of the clients. They are also often called as residential designers because they specialize in residential remodeling. Building designers aren’t registered architects but […]