Category: Designing Careers

Architectural Assistant Career

An architectural assistant is one who is responsible for assisting an architect in the process of designing structures for a building. The candidate has many responsibilities that include assisting the architects in preparation of maps, layouts and drawings apart from many administrative responsibilities as well. The candidate should have good kwowledge in the construction field […]

Game Designing Career

Game design is the game development process of designing the content and rules of a game. The person designing this game play is a game designer. A game designer requires artistic and technical competence along with writing skills. How to become a Game Designer: To build a career of game designer one must have drawing […]

Interior Designing Career

Interior designers are the professionals who take special care to design the space for residential and commercial purposes in the most captivating and beneficial manner. Earlier, an architect was enough to do this job, but nowadays people have become particular with the designs and layouts of their living and working place. How to become an […]

Accessory Designing Career

Accessories add extra wow to your whole look. Stylish accessories can be used with proper dress that perfectly creates a style statement of your own. An accessory designer designs the accessories using right material, unique color and shape, following latest the trends and also individual imagination. How to become an Accessory Designer: If your wish […]

Magazine Designing Career

A Magazine designer is the one who is responsible for the visual look and style of a magazine. They visualize the cover stories and give it proper shape. The key factor of magazine designing is how to make it more attractive, so that the target consumer can easily be attracted and readily purchase it. So […]

Costume Designing Career

A costume designer is the one on whom the look and style of a character played in a theater /movie depends. Basically they are the one who designs clothes for the actors and actresses of any particular movie/theatre or any other show. How to become a Costume Designer: A job of a costume designer is […]

Designing Careers

Designing careers are successful only if the individual has a flair for designing. It is not something that can be cultivated, though training and experience does add a lot of extrinsic value. However, talent for designing, be it interiors or fashion, comes naturally and is a gift. Hence, a creative designer can work wonders in […]

UI Design Career

A UI (User interface) designer is an expert who is dexterous in handling design related task for various user interfaces like website making, logo designing, film backgrounds, etc. Most of the requirements for UI designer can come from the industry of sales, marketing, and event planning and management firms. Employers would expect candidates who have […]

Piping Designer Career

A piping designer works at the construction site and designs the layout and design of the way the piping will be done at the site. Most of the piping designers need to know CAD designing for executing their work. There are many school and college level courses that can be obtained to gain relevant piping […]

Visual Designer Career

The primary responsibility of a visual designer is to create visual media in industries such as marketing, event management, gaming, entertainment, etc. Candidates who would like to be inducted in the position of a visual designer should at least complete their graduation degree in courses related to multimedia and visual design. Candidates can work full […]