Category: Engineering Careers

Field Application Engineer Career

A Field application engineer is an individual who is required to handle the various field engineering duties for a company and provide technical support for salespersons and marketing executives. They design and implement new technology and see to it that it works as per the requirements of the company or organization. To become a field […]

Audio Recording Engineer Career

An audio recording engineer is an individual who works with a variety of audio and recording equipments so as to produce sounds mix audio tracks and also record audio pieces for a variety of purposes. These individuals may be employed at a number of settings such as TV production house, live event organizations, radio broadcasting […]

Drilling Engineer Career

A drilling engineer is an engineer who is responsible for the planning, designing, development and implementation of all the operations which are required for drilling of oil, gas etc. These individuals are required to oversee the entire drilling process from start to completion and are employed at a variety of locations such as on land, […]

Audio Visual Engineer Career

Any person whose job is to operate and install audio visual equipment and work with various kinds of multimedia tools or equipments is called an audio visual engineer. Any person working as an audio visual engineer can be employed at a variety of work settings such as conference halls, art galleries, schools, stadiums and even […]

Marine Engineer Career

Career Description A Marine engineer is one who designs, build and maintain boats, ships and any other marine structures. Marine engineering is the field of study of all the major and minor equipments used at sea, boats, underwater crafts or other marine vessels such as propulsion machines, power mechanism, fuel system and other mechanical infrastructure. […]

Biomedical Engineer Career

Career Description A Biomedical engineer is responsible for solving the biological and medical issues. The host of responsibilities managed by them could be designing the artificial organs, creating the biological materials used in medicine industry and designing various bio molecules used in biological research. Various instruments used in medical and biological laboratory are also created […]

Software Support Engineer Career

Career Description A software support engineer is a professional who is capable of troubleshooting all the software and programming related problems. These engineers help people facing errors and issues in their software and can act as a help desk or valuable technical support in various companies. These professional knows the in and out of a […]

Field Service Engineer Career

Career Description A field service engineer is one who repairs, services and maintain equipments at the location of the customers. The candidate has many responsibilities assigned by the company and they include installation of equipment, provide technical support in usage, troubleshoot and help improve the quality of equipments. Thus a field service engineer has a […]

Field Sales Engineer Career

Career Description A field sales engineer is one who undertakes sales activity along with the engineering knowledge for selling the products and services of a company. Some of the duties that a field sales engineer undertakes are meeting clients to explain technical aspects, negotiating and closing sales deals, handling any technical issues that arise during […]

Technical Sales Engineer Career

Career Description A technical sales engineer is one who provides support on technical issues that arise to the customers. The candidate should have technical knowledge as well as sales skills to handle this job profile. There are many duties that a technical sales engineer fulfills such as maintaining contact with clients’, provides support for all […]