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Entertainment Careers

Overview Entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry which offers a wide array of career paths.  It is one industry which continues to thrive under all circumstances, whether it is a financial boom or a crisis.  Most people look to entertainment as a leisure-time activity or as something that keeps them away from the day […]

Illustration Career

Illustrator is a very non-conventional but crucial job during situations when you need to explain your point, set a mood, tell a story or simply add visual delight to a page. During these scenarios, an illustration can go a long way towards communicating your message effectively. An illustrator can work in a wide variety of […]

Film Editing Career

A film editor works in close coordination with the professionals involved in the film industry while working with them on film projects. Their task is to remove the unneeded parts of the film and fit the needed parts of the film together to complete the movie. The film editor works with cinematographers and sound editors […]

Entertainment Reporter Career

Entertainment reporters are involved in covering a wide range of stories for various media outlets. It is required that the entertainment reporters should be gritty who are able to bring out the news from the right people and should have strong networking skills. The entertainment reporter should also possess good judgment skills to decide the […]

Entertainment Law Career

The job of an entertainment lawyer is very demanding but exciting. The entertainment lawyer works with various celebrities from different walks of life. The main function of the entertainment lawyer is to know about the fundamentals in legal areas like contract law, labor law, litigation, intellectual property rights, etc apart from sound exposure to the […]

Home Entertainment Specialist Career

A home entertainment specialist is a professional who achieves the desires sales in the products aimed at home entertainment by maintaining excellent product knowledge and providing customers with the right recommendation to meet their needs. The home entertainment specialists are expected to and responsible for achieving good results in a fast paced retail environment while […]

Theatre Director Career

Career description A theatre director is a person who directs plays and shows to be performed on a theatre. He is incharge of the practice sessions and the creative interpretation of the script given to him or a musical piece’s depiction. He not only oversees the acting of the actors, but is also responsible for […]

Actor’s Career

Career description An actor is a person who has skilled himself in the art of acting. An actor’s career can be one of the most interesting jobs since it comes along with a lot of exciting stuff to do and things to learn at each juncture. An actor may be required to work in a […]

Artist Career

Career description: An artist is a person who has specialised his talent for a particular art form, be it music, singing, composing or painting. An artist can belong to any field but the main thing common is the love for field and an expertise in it. An artist career is one which is dedicated to […]

Magician’s Career

Career description A magician is a person who performs magic tricks to entertain people. A magician’s career may be one filled with exciting magic tricks and a lot of fame and recognition if the magician is recognised and famous. A magician can work for circuses; entertainment parks etc and earn huge sums of money. This […]