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Environmental Careers

Overview In the recent times, the focus has shifted to environmental issues, and the trend of ‘green careers’ is growing.  The US government has recently ear-marked an impressive $40 billion to the creation of ‘green jobs’.  With this,environmental careershave got a boost like never before. Many people wrongly believe that green jobs are just for […]

Environmental Microbiology Career

An environmental microbiology career is an interesting field where one gets to study the various microbial communities, how they behave and interact in the ecosystem, the dangers faced by them or how can they cause harm to the humans and the environment and how man and nature can live in harmony. The job also has […]

Environmental Management Career

An environmental management career is a challenging and lucrative career where the responsibilities of the employee may differ from position to position but the basic job duty is to manage the natural resources of the environment efficiently and to protect them so that the needs of man are met and the ecological balance is also […]

Environmental Planner Career

An environmental planner career is a field where one has to find a balance between the various activities of man which affect the environment, like construction of bridge, buildings, mining etc, and the sustainability of the natural resources of the environment so that there is no catastrophe or condition where the delicate ecosystem will be […]

Environmental Science Technician Career

An environmental science technician career consists of jobs where one has to study the environment by collecting samples and observing them to find out about various aspects like pollution level, population of the species, recognition of diseases and so on. This kind of job requires a lot of field work and hands on experience and […]

Environmental Restoration Career

An environmental restoration career consists of jobs where one takes responsibility to restore a part of the environment which has been destroyed due to natural forces like hurricanes, wildfires, and floods or due to pollution as a result of activities of man. There is wide variety of flora and fauna in the environment and when […]

Environmental Economics Career

An environmental economics career is a challenging one where you need to know about the basics of economics and the environment and how both of them affect each other. There is a fine balance between making profits and protecting the environment and environmental economics calculate and find that balance. They work with government or private […]

Environmental Education Career

An environmental education career is an interesting career which provides an opportunity to work in different industries and sectors like private companies, public education, government and federal agencies and non-profit organizations. Depending on the job position, the duties of the environmental educator changes, but his primary responsibility is to educate his clients, employees and students […]

Environmental Attorney Career

An environmental attorney career is a field where an attorney specializes in fighting cases related to environmental concerns like climate change, water pollution, protection of the environment, use of chemicals and pesticides on the environment, government policies and so on. They engage in litigation that helps to protect the environment and also compensate people if […]

Environmental Analyst Career

An environmental analyst career is a dynamic career where researchers, field workers and analysts are actively involved in studying the environment and the effects of our policies and actions on the environment. By collecting data, samples and conducting studies on the environment, they find out ways of reducing the negative impact of man’s activities on […]