Category: Fashion Careers

Celebrity Fashion Stylist Career

A celebrity fashion stylist is involved in taking style decisions for celebrities. Usually celebrity fashion stylists work in teams, with hair, makeup, accessories, clothes, jewelry being some of the main aspects of a celebrity’s style statement. The contribution and vision of a celebrity fashion stylist goes a long way in allowing the celebrity to form […]

Fashion Show Producer Career

A fashion show producer is involved in designing, conceptualizing and executing fashion events and shows. This involves raising funds, incorporating new and innovative designers, sourcing models and generally planning and organizing these large scale events. A fashion show producer needs to have a thorough knowledge about the industry before he can aspire to conduct a […]

Fashion Event Coordinator Career

A fashion event coordinator is in charge of organizing a fashion event on a large scale. This is a job for experts and most fashion event coordinators have a team of people working under them. The amount of coordinating, planning and organization that is required in such a career is tremendous. A fashion event coordinator […]

Fashion Event Planner Career

A fashion event planner is in charge of organizing fashion events, especially fashion shows, and introducing buyers to fashion designers. There is a lot of skill involved in organizing these events and everything from the theme to the invitees to the budget has to be decided by the fashion event planner. A fashion event planner […]

Fashion Retail Career

A fashion retail job involves making of purchasing decisions for a retail outlet. A savvy business sense along with an understanding of the pulse of the market is both needed in order to become a successful fashion retail professional. Most people have to undergo extensive training in order to make the right decisions for their […]

Fashion Careers

Fashion is a broad term and may mean different things to different people. The huge world of fashion keeps growing continuously and has a wide scope for those who want to make a career in it. Infact there are innumerable positions and posts that can be taken in the department of fashion. Anybody with an […]

Fashion Event Organizer Career

A Fashion event organizer career is an interesting career option that requires great communication skills, lot of resourceful planning, and traveling to some extent. The job responsibilities of a fashion event organizer are multi-fold and include everything from the conceptualization stage to the planning and implementation stage. As a fashion event organizer, one has to […]

Fashion Marketer Career

A fashion marketer career is one of the interesting career options as it requires one to be savvy with both marketing and fashion. A fashion marketer is responsible for creating marketing strategies, implementing marketing plans, and co-coordinating various marketing activities that are in line with the requirement of a company or fashion merchandising firm or […]

Beautician Career

Beautician career is a specialized career option. A beautician is also known as a cosmetologist or even a hairdresser. A beautician’s career is categorized in the personal care service provider industry. The primary job responsibility of a beautician is to help the clients of a salon in improving their physical or facial appearance using non-medical […]

Model Career

Model career can be classified under different advertising and visual mediums including print modeling, electronic media modeling, and fashion or ramp modeling. A successful model career depends on the model and the type of work they do. A fashion model’s career is considered as the toughest as well as the most opted for. In print […]