Category: Finance Careers

Investment Strategist Career

An investment strategist is a professional who reviews financial statements of a company and then makes strategies regarding the financial and investment plans of the company. These individuals study the financial market and then suggest ways to gain maximum profit from investments. To become an investment strategist, a person must fulfil certain educational requirements and […]

Financial Economist Career

A financial economist is one who undertakes the research and interpretation of financial economic data. The candidate performs many tasks such as preparing budget, forecast tax calculations, prepare revenue reports, provide expenditure estimations etc. The candidate is required to have good analytical and statistical skills to be able to perform well in this position. Besides […]

Finance Careers

Overview Financial management is the key to any successful establishment, be it a bank, a business or a corporation.  A career in Finance offers many opportunities and has always been in great demand.  The recent turbulence in thecapital marketshas created a great demand for people with the right qualification and experience to handle finances in […]

Certified Financial Planner Career

A certified financial planner career is job where one gives counsel to others on how to manage their finances so that they reach their financial goals and make the most of their investments and savings. We often have many expenses for which we like to save and invest our funds to get good returns in […]

Financial Broker Career

A financial broker career is a field where one has to perform a varied number of responsibilities like keeping in touch with the client to inform him about the prices of shares, the performance of the market, possibility of new trends, sell him new stocks and tell him when to sell old stocks and so […]

Financial Trader Career

A financial trader career is one where you need to be aware of the activities and performance of the securities market, identify trends and opportunities, use quantitative methods to monitor any financial, credit, market or investment risks in order to meet the demands of the clients. He has to apply his knowledge of the stock […]

Financial Risk Analysis Career

A financial risk analysis career involves studying credit risk and analyze whether a borrower has the ability to pay back the loans he has taken from a creditor and other aspects like the feasibility of investments and other operational costs. It is very important to analyze the financial risk in any business negotiation so that […]

Financial Risk Management Career

A financial risk management career involves many responsibilities where one needs to study and keep track of the financial decisions taken by a corporation, develop operating metrics, manage various negotiation risks, check financial data for errors and also give counsel to the client on different types of investments and transactions with the aim of reducing […]

Financial Economics Career

A financial economics career involves duties where a person has to study the economics of the financial market, predict trends which will affect it and how to take measures to ensure that that the client continues to make profits even in a fluctuating financial market. One can work for a corporation or as a researcher […]

Financial Examiner Career

A financial examiner career is one where a person is responsible for making sure that a corporation or individual is following the rules and guidelines laid down to monitor various securities and financial institutions, real estate and financial transactions and also check if the financial records related to these transactions are accurate or not. They […]