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Wildlife Specialist Career

Career Description Wildlife specialist is one who is in charge of the health of wild animals as well as the different kinds of plants that grow in wild life. The candidate is also responsible for environmental conservation besides having sufficient knowledge about the various laws that govern wildlife. At times the candidate is also required […]

Government Careers

Overview Government careersare much in demand in the current times, especially as there is so much uncertainty and instability in the private sector jobs.  People are now looking towardsFederal Government jobsto give them the much needed stability.  Federal Government is among the largest employers in the country and employs about 2% of the total work […]

Forest Fire Inspector Career

A forest fire inspector career revolves around prevention of fire in forests and is a tough and challenging job. Depending on the state and the forest area that a forest fire inspector is based at, the duties and job responsibilities can vary. Some of the most common job responsibilities of a forest fire inspector includes […]

Air Force Captain Career

A Captain of the US Air Force is a company grade officer rank. An US Air Force Captain career means that you will be leading a unit that comprises of enlisted men as well as officers. The officers reporting to an Air Force Captain include Second and First Lieutenant. The enlisted men will include Airman […]

Air Force Colonel Career

An Air Force Colonel career is one of the high ranking careers in the United States Air Force (USAF). As an Air Force Colonel, you will have to play a wider role when it comes to handling responsibilities. The job responsibilities depend on the division or specialty area of the US Air Force that you […]

CIA Agent Career

CIA is the civilian intelligence agency working under and with the United States government and stands for Central Intelligence Agency. A CIA Agent career path is considered to be highly challenging and to a great extent dangerous and violent as well. The toughest part of a CIA Agent’s career is when they are field operatives […]

Air Force Officer Career

An Air Force Officer career not only offers challenges but also several benefits and rewards. It is a career that comes with a lot of adventure and several specialized job areas. It is not necessary that an Air Force Officer denotes a fighter pilot or a flying officer; there are other areas of Air Force, […]

Grant Writer Career

A grant writer career is a desk job and offers creative stimulation. As a grant writer, you will need to handle different tasks and have various responsibilities. Some of the important work areas of a grant writer includes editing grant proposals, conducting electronic and library research, compiling relevant data, working towards the development and transformation […]

Environmental Scientist Career

An environmental scientist career takes into account various environmental issues and focuses primarily on the natural environment. The job responsibilities of an environmental scientist are diverse and can involve creation, implementation, as well as enforcement of various regulations, which will help preserve and protect the immediate environment. As an environmental scientist, you might work within […]

Government Contractor Career

A government contractor career is a specialized career as it revolves around creation of proposals and solicitations for different government contracts. As a government contractor, one will need to negotiate as well as close deals, make contract amendments, and adjustments. Apart from that, as a government contractor, one will be involved in renegotiating various contracts […]