Category: HealthCare Careers

Nutrition Assistant Career

A nutrition assistant is one who manages the nutritional requirements at their workplace under the guidance of a nutritionist. They may work in a hospital, food service establishment unit, restaurant and hotels. They manage the preparation of nutritional chart along with keeping the nutritional follow up of all the food products. They also train and […]

Nutrition Therapist Career

A nutrition therapist is one who is responsible for helping individuals to improve their general health and well being with the help of nutrition and a well balanced diet. The candidate prepares the diet chart and helps in implementing that plan. Nutritional therapist mostly work in the hospitals wherein they make use of their specialised […]

Nutrition Psychology Career

Nutrition psychology career is one which revolves around assessing the dietary habits of the clients after the discussion to propose a balanced and appropriate diet program. The candidate makes use of the psychological aspect of food to help people get rid of the unhealthy eating patterns. Besides the candidate also has to track the progress […]

Healthcare Recruiter Career

A healthcare recruiter, as the name suggests is an individual who helps healthcare centers and hospitals to find healthcare professionals to fill up the vacant posts. It is the job of a healthcare recruiter to carry out the selection and recruitment process and hire candidates on the basis of their skills, education, experience and interview […]

Health Policy Analyst Career

Career Description A health policy analyst is one who provides analysis of costs and benefits of a health policy. Some of the activities that a health policy analyst is require to perform are analyze the policy, take into account factors that drive the policy, estimate policy amount, advice client regarding health policy etc. A health […]

Health Technologist Career

Career description: A health technologist and technician have ample of responsibilities to manage in the health field. They have a variety of careers choices such as athletic trainer, radiologic technologist and technician, dental hygienist, EMT and paramedic, licensed practical nurse, lab technologist, nuclear medicine technologist, veterinary technician and technologist pharmacy technician, surgical technologist and ultrasound […]

Clinical Psychologist Career

Career description: People opting for clinical psychologist career can work as clinical psychologist doctors treating patients undergoing stressful and unbearable challenges in their personal lives. The main task of a clinical psychologist includes diagnosis, treatment, assessing, counselling and to deal with mentally illness like schizophrenia of patients. A clinical psychologist can work as health psychologist, […]

Paediatric Oncology Career

Career description: Students interested for paediatric oncology career can work as paediatric oncologist doctors who work for children suffering from cancer. Their job is challenging as it include diagnosing, treating and maintaining the well-being of cancer affected small children. It takes several years study in college, few more years in medical school, training and residency, […]

Pediatric cardiologist career

Career Description: A Pediatric Cardiologist is a doctor who does the treatment of diseases and abnormalities of the children heart. The congenital or acquired heart diseases of children falling under the age of 18 years are treated by the Pediatric Cardiologists. If you are planning to take Pediatric Cardiology as your career option then you […]

Surgeon Assistant Career

Career Description: Surgeon assistants generally assist a surgeon during a surgery by helping on a range of critical tasks. The duties of a Surgeon Assistant or a surgical assistant depend on their place of service. Surgical assistants are the professionals from medical background and they are qualified to work in surgical environment. They are expertise […]