Category: Hospitality Careers

Hotel Receptionist Career

A hotel receptionist is the person you see and approach when you enter into a hotel. This individual is responsible for answering queries, giving room keys, making guest reservations and doing a variety of other tasks in a hotel. To become a hotel receptionist, one has to fulfill many duties and responsibilities. This job requires […]

Hotel Executive Career

A hotel executive is one who works at the clerical level in a hotel with many administrative responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities that a hotel executive is required to fulfill are maintain guest records, update room availability in software, keep bills and invoices properly, ensure check-out and check-in details are properly updated and keep track […]

Hotel Front Desk Career

A hotel front desk executive is an individual who works for a hotel or a resort and his/her duty is at the front desk of the facility. Any person working at this job position has to have a great personality with a smile on the face and must be able to welcome guests with the […]

Child Care Specialist Career

Career Description A child care specialist is one who is in charge of the children in the pre-schooling stage. The role of a child care specialist revolves around care and nurturing of the young child by providing them with safe surroundings. Besides this the candidate also ensures that the child in engaged with developmental and […]

Hospitality Career

Hospitality career is one of the largest growing industries in the US today. The choice of job opportunities is great and you have the option of choosing a career path according to your aptitude and skills. There are a number of job openings for first-timers and young people looking for part-time or seasonal jobs. You […]

Line Cook Career Coaching

Candidates who are interested in the field of cooking can aim to become line cooks as a professional career option. Candidates would be able to become line cook career coaching professionals even without completing a formal training by showing inclination in the field of hospitality industry. Candidates should initially work under the supervision of an […]

Sous Chef Career

Sous chefs are hired in order to function as a chief staff in the kitchen catering to various high profile guests and businesses. Candidates who would like to become a sous chef should possess excellent culinary skills and also must have good coordination and communication skills. The role of a sous chef falls in the […]

Banquet Server Career

A banquet server is a professional who works in banquet halls during the events and conferences. The banquet servers should serve food and drinks to all the guests visiting the banquet halls. Employers would generally not have any mandatory requirement in order to become a banquet server. However candidates at least complete a high school […]

Test Kitchen Manager Career

A test kitchen manager is one who works in a coordinated environment in a kitchen staff at the instruction of the chief kitchen manager. The main responsibility of the test kitchen manager is to ensure that the kitchen work is done with maximum efficiency, minimum time and maximum effectiveness. There are various roles that a […]

Banquet Manager Career

A banquet manager is a professional who manages events and functions wherein there are multiple guests who need to be managed and the event is to be successfully organized. It is a position of immense management wherein work is to be executed in short timeframe to the satisfaction of all the stakeholders. The following are […]