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SAP Human Resource Career

Career Description Being a SAP hr is a tough call as the requirement of the industry are facing alterations at a frequent level. As SAP is a software company its human resource consultant’s job is to recruit the best employees in the company along with administrating the various other issues in the firm such as […]

Technical Recruiter Career

Career Description A technical recruiter is a specialised recruiter who works towards recruiting the candidates for specific technical roles. Recruiters are the human resource specialists who assist an organisation in finding the suitable candidates for an explicit job opening. Technical recruiters help the organisation by screening, interviewing, testing and identifying the technical candidate for any […]

HR Careers

The strength of any organization lies in its employees.  The Human Resource department or HR as it is popularly termed is responsible for recruiting people best suited for the jobs in any workplace.  This is only one aspect of their job description. Today, Human Resources departments enjoy a crucial role in the strategic planning of big and small […]

Employment Specialist Career

An employment specialist career revolves around successfully carrying out various services related to an employment program by the government or associated with private employment agencies. The primary responsibility of an employment specialist is to assist their clients in obtaining as well as maintaining competitive employment, which is consistent with the organizational or vocational goals. Some […]

Compliance Analyst Career

A compliance analyst career is quite challenging and requires aspiring professionals to work in several areas that are regulated by and fall within the government jurisdiction. Some of the areas of focus for a compliance analyst include telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. As a compliance analyst, you will need to keep yourself updated with existing […]

OD Specialist Career

As a part of the OD specialist career, you will be required to multi-task in an organizational environment. The essential job responsibilities of an OD specialist include designing and development of various processes like time and talent management processes, competency processes, developing and implementing an integrated approach for higher organizational growth, succession planning, identifying and […]

LMS Administrator Career

A LMS administrator career primarily revolves around administration of the learning management system and providing necessary support. As a LMS administrator, you will need to provide LMS administration along with intranet web support and administration. Some of the job responsibilities of LMS administrator is to provide technical training on LMS to staff members in an […]

Job Developer Career

In a job developer career, success is governed by several factors including your knowledge of market condition and tactics. As a job developer, you will be responsible for initiating, developing, and maintaining personal contacts with several industry, HR, or business representatives. Some of the areas that you will play an important role in includes promoting […]

HR Generalist Career

A professional who takes care of a wide variety of activities in the human resources division is called an HR Generalist. An HR Generalist is responsible for maintaining employee relations, recruitment and selection, and administrative activities. An HR Generalist should be well aware with all the HR activities and the federal rules and regulations that […]

Finance and HR Executive Career

A finance and HR executive are two different roles in an organization that serve some of the crucial needs of the firm. A person who is given the responsibility to serve as the finance and HR executive would be in charge of assisting both these departments – Finance and HR and resolving points of conflict […]