Category: Insurance Careers

Commercial Insurance Agent Career

A commercial insurance agent acts as a link or bridge between insurance companies and clients and help he clients by suggesting them suitable insurance plans. These individuals use their knowledge of risk management and insurance market to find the right insurance policies and covers for clients and then help them out throughout the process.  To […]

Mortgage Agent Career

A mortgage agent is an individual who acts as a mediatory party between a lender and a borrower as far as property related transactions are concerned. These individuals help both the parties achieve their goals and must be knowledgeable about the loan process and other financial details involved in the transaction. A mortgage broker can […]

Insurance Claims Career

Career Description An insurance claims candidate is one who handles the payments for valid claims in an insurance company. The candidate is given the responsibility of validating the claims settlement procedure by checking for the genuineness of the claim. Some of the job responsibilities that an insurance claims candidate fulfills are advising on claim settlement […]

Insurance Claims Adjuster Career

Career Description An insurance claims adjuster has the duty of interviewing the insurance claimants in order to arrive at the amount of claim. The candidate has many other duties along with this such as consulting police personnel, checking hospital records, determine liability to insurance company, processing claims settlement in a swift manner, ensure procedural completion […]

Insurance Careers

Insurance careers are extremely interesting and profitable for those with convincing communication skills and vast knowledge of insurance schemes. An insurance agent is the most recognizable face of this field. Insurance agents often have to succeed in grueling entrance examinations in order to be licensed and this reflects the competitive atmosphere in which they work […]

Insurance Analyst Career

Insurance analysts are hired in the analysis department of the insurance companies. The primary responsibility of an insurance analyst is to manage the information of their past, current and prospective clients. The insurance analyst also analyses who are the most valuable clients and try to offer them attractive insurance packages to increase the market share […]

Insurance Business Analyst Career

An insurance business analyst works to provide critical analysis of the insurance industry, help insurance firms to evaluate their current insurance packages and make enhancements to them for the benefit of the customers, assist insurance managers to adopt the right marketing strategies to attract more customers in the target group to increase the market share […]

Insurance Collector Career

An insurance collector is a professional working in the insurance industry that collects the premium payments from insurance takers periodically. The insurance collector tracks the dues of premium to be paid by the customers and imposes fine as appropriate. Candidates who would like to become insurance collectors should have knowledge of the insurance industry and […]

Insurance Director Career

The job of an insurance director is to oversee the operations in an insurance company and to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the organizations. Candidates who would like to become insurance directors need to possess a rich and diverse set of work experiences in the insurance industry. They need to start from the entry […]

Insurance Commissioner Career

Insurance commissioners work to create and maintain a good balance between the insurance companies, insurance takers, and insurance regulators. They work on behalf of the insurance takers to ensure that there are not cheated and get the claims from the insurance companies if the loss or damage meet the insurance requirements. Most of the states […]