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JavaScript Developer Career

Career Description JavaScript Developers are the software developers that deal with the generation of various kinds of animated web programs. Their task is to create such sort of images that changes or shows movements at the time when a mouse rolls over them. A JavaScript developer also can create drop down menus with amazing animations […]

Software Specialist Career

Career Description The software specialists are the specialised professionals who assist in the development and maintenance of software. They are highly trained and technically proficient people who carry a thorough know-how about the software and their applications. Most of the trained software specialist carries numerous certifications to attain specialisation in specific software field. They can […]

IT Security Specialist Career

Career Description IT security specialists are those professionals that assist major businesses in administrating their computer’s security. The key task of these professionals is to generate such tactics that will be helpful in securing the confidential software of a firm. They guide the companies about various measures that can be taken for maintaining the security […]

IT Developer Career

Career Description An IT Developer is one who is in charge of the designing, installation, testing and maintenance of IT programs that run on a computer. Some of the other activities that an IT developer performs are assessment of present software program, suggest new software program, provide cost analysis, providing report for various software codes […]

Video Game Developer Career

Career Description Video game developers are the designers and creators of the game software which are played and enjoyed on a variety of system platforms. Video game developers are basically software engineers who work with a team of developers for creating exciting and innovative games. They create the concept of the game and design the […]

IT Business Analyst Career

Career Description: IT business analysts are those professionals working in an IT company who are responsible for improving its efficiency, structure and help it in gaining more profits. An IT business analyst is required to study and analyze the business related needs of his/her respective company and devise ways to meet these needs in the […]

IT Business Development Career

Career Description: The position of IT business development is a broad heading which consists of several types of work duties and responsibilities. But on a more general basis, an IT business development specialist is a person who is responsible for marketing, business improvement, strategic analysis and resource utilization in an IT company. Any person working […]

Flash Developer Career

Career Description: A flash developer is an individual who has experience of working with Adobe Flash and is a web development specialist with a background and expertise in Flash and ActionScript programming. Any person who is working as a flash developer for a website or on Freelance basis is required to design and develop Flash […]

JavaScript Developer Career

Career Description: JavaScript is a web programming language which is used by website developers which is supported by many web browsers. Any person who has expertise over this language can qualify to become a JavaScript developer in a company or can also work on freelance basis. There are many opportunities in this career as with […]

IT Careers

With computers and Internet becoming an integral part of our personal and professional lives, IT Careers have gained immense popularity over the past few years.  Though some believed that there would be a slump in the IT field, it continues to grow, and offers job opportunities to people who have the right skills and training.  […]