Category: Legal Careers

Forensic Psychologist Career

A forensic psychologist is an individual who plays an important role in criminal investigation and also work with victims. These individuals use their expertise of psychology and research to understand the actions and thinking of offenders and help them in treatment of post crime depression or anxiety. They make and develop policies and provide rehabilitation […]

Forensic Pathologist Career

A forensic pathologist is an individual who is a trained physician and whose job is to examine the means, cause, circumstances and reasons for death of a person who has died suddenly and suspiciously. There are many job duties that are associated with the job of a forensic pathologist and some of them include examining […]

Forensic Psychiatrist Career

The field of forensic psychiatry is a challenging field in which forensic psychiatrists have to deal with those offenders who have medical illnesses and have shown behavioral disturbances in the past which has resulted them in committing a crime. Any person working as a forensic psychiatrist needs to have the knowledge and expertise of various […]

Forensic Interviewer Career

Career Description The study of psychological and sociological aspects of criminology and legal settings is referred as Forensic Interviewing.  A forensic interviewer assists legal professionals like the judges and attorneys for carrying out various forms of forensic interviews from the suspects or criminals and assisting them in resolving various legal issues. A forensic interviewer holds […]

Forensic Specialist Career

Career Description A Forensic specialist’s duties involve solving the criminal problems with the help of science. The traces of physical evidences are prepared and gathered by these professionals to be presented in the courts of law. To become forensic specialists one needs to work with accuracy even under the enormous pressure. Forensic specialists try to […]

Legal Careers

Legal careers are those where one have to work with the law and judiciary of a place. It is an extremely demanding profession with innumerable subdivisions. Apart from the basic division between criminal and civil courts, there also exists a class of persons in the legal profession whose unobtrusive, but indispensable, presence makes the system […]

Court Interpreter Career

A court interpreter career is similar to that of a legal interpreter, legal translator or a judiciary interpreter where one works for the court system and helps the judges, lawyers, witnesses to communicate well if they do not know English. He translates the language so that every party can understand what is going on during […]

Human Rights Lawyer Career

A human rights lawyer career involves handling those cases which deal with laws related to fundamental rights of human beings in particular situation, violations of those human rights and to ensure that they are not deprived of their basic social, economic and right to freedom, religion and expression. They represent clients whose rights have been […]

Family Law Attorney Career

A family law attorney career is a legal career where an attorney specializes in handling cases related to a family, such as divorce cases, child custody, alimony, adoption, marriage, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation agreements of same sex partners and so on. The most common cases handled by a family law attorney are divorce cases and they […]

Litigation Attorney Career

A litigation attorney career comprises those positions where an attorney chooses to represent cases related to civil or criminal cases and representing clients on issues related to personal injury, real estate, pollution, human rights and so on. His prime responsibility is to a carry a lawsuit keeping with the legal rules, protect civil laws, advise […]