Category: Maintenance Careers

Maintenance Careers

Maintenance careers are those that deal with the upkeep of products. Such a person can be an electrical maintenance technician or a computer mechanic. The range is virtually infinite but the basic qualifications and skill set required for such a job is the same. A career in maintenance is profitable only if an individual, by […]

Apartment Maintenance Career

Candidates who are hired as apartment maintenance workers would have to carry out the job responsibilities like maintenance cleaning, repairing, woodwork, plumbing, etc of the apartments. Candidates should have good analytical skills as they have to find defects and fix them. So candidates who would like to become apartment maintenance workers would need basic knowledge […]

Maintenance Director Career

Maintenance directors are inducted into firms, institutions and organizations in order to hire talented staff for the maintenance department, look after the day-to-day functioning of maintenance workers, develop skills to improve maintenance facilities, etc. Candidates who would like to become maintenance directors should take up education from top colleges that provide good education in maintenance […]

Maintenance Coordinator Career

The job responsibility of a maintenance coordinator is to work with different professionals across different divisions or firms to maintain confidentiality of information, access to necessary data, coordination of activities, clear documentation, transparency in procedures, etc. The maintenance coordinator works in the key role to collate information from different levels and process it together to […]

Hotel Maintenance Engineer Career

A hotel maintenance engineer is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the hotel with respect to the tools and equipment, facilities, food and lodging, etc. Candidates who are eyeing the position of a hotel maintenance engineer should take up courses in engineering preferably suited to the hotel and hospitality industry. Candidates should have good […]

Building Cleaning Career

Building cleaning professionals carry out tasks like general cleaning and maintenance works in buildings, residential homes, construction sites, offices, etc. There is no mandatory education that is required in order to become a building cleaning professional. Candidates with honesty, good attitude, time bound delivery of tasks, and communication skills would be preferable for the job. […]

Maintenance Technician Career

As a maintenance technician, candidates need to look after the maintenance and repair of auto parts, machines, automobiles, etc. Candidates who would like to become a maintenance technician should have a mechanical engineering background with preferably at least a couple of years of work experience. Candidates should know how to defect faulty machines, how to […]

Refrigeration Mechanic Career

Refrigeration Mechanic Career The refrigeration mechanic’s career revolves around the installation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration systems as well as heating and air conditioning units.  The refrigeration mechanic is tasked to review blueprints, drawings and diagrams, test and control systems, recycle and preserve refrigerants, maintain tools and equipment, replace defective or damaged parts, check and […]

Home Appliance Repair Career

The home appliance repair career takes on responsibilities in repair, maintenance and service of various home appliances.  Maintenance and repair of appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, and air conditioning units are handled by a home appliance repair technician.  He is also tasked to diagnose and test the unit or appliances for repair.  […]

Auto Body Repair Career

An auto body repair career revolves around the repair and maintenance of vehicles. The auto body repair technician takes on duties such as repairing dents, repair and replace auto parts, realign frames, installation of auto body parts, and fix other automotive problems.  Depending on the employer, one may also do painting jobs on the vehicle. […]