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Logistic Assistant Career

A logistic assistant has to manage a gamut of responsibilities that may include coordination with logistic departments, management of logistic machines and instruments and keeping all the records for the logistic works. Inventory control database are managed and controlled by the logistic assistants along with managing and updating them. Orders are tracked and shelves are […]

Risk Management Consultant Career

A Risk Management Consultant is an individual who is hired by a company to look into the fact that the company is adhering by all the corporate policies and governmental rules and regulations.  He/she also works to ensure that the company does not face any risk and tries to eliminate the possibility of any risk […]

Supply Chain Management Career

Supply chain management is that part of a business which deals with the management, planning and development of all the activities which are involved in the procurement and sourcing of supplies. A supply chain manager is thus that employee of a company who must work to ensure that all supplies are present whenever they are […]

Software Development Manager Career

Career Description: Software development managers are those individuals who look after the varied aspects of the software development segment of the firm. They have to oversee the process of software development, maintain the peace within the team and ensure that everything proceeds as per the requirements of the clients. They have to ensure that all […]

Non- Technical Project Manager Career

Career Description: A non technical project manager is an individual who is associated to the firm to manage a certain project but he or she is responsible only for the non technical aspect of the project. It may be possible that the respective project is itself non technical in nature. But if the project has […]

Technical Account Manager Career

Career Description: Technical accounts manager is the individual who oversees the accounts for the customers. The customers are individuals who have bought the technical products or services from the firm. Needless to say that the technical account managers are positions mostly found in technology firms/ firms whose product/ service line is technical. These individuals have […]

Advertising Account Manager Career

Career Description: An advertising account manager is an individual/ official who is assigned the responsibility of an advertisement contract i.e. a client. This individual links the respective client and the whole of the agency team. He or she has to lead the team at the agency in developing the ideas in respect to the client. […]

IT Account Manager Career

Career Description: An IT account manager is that official who is responsible for the management of internal as well as external relations of the respective organization. The individual is in charge of singing new service contracts for the organization while also managing the existing clients/ contracts. This individual has to ensure that all the plans […]

Management Careers

These days, management careers are on a steady acclivity and every industry is in need of it. This involves management of various crucial tasks for enhancing the growth of an organization. Career in management is diverse in nature and have wide range of options. Generally, it involves combination of both structured planning and active management […]

Content Manager Career

A content manager career refers to those jobs where one is in charge of managing the content of websites and hence also known a web masters. Their primary job is to organize, select and post particular stories, photographs, graphics, ads, polls etc, keeping with the policy and style of the website. The content manager may […]