Category: Media Careers

Investigative Reporter Career

An investigative reporter is a professional who works for a media company or a news channel and is responsible for collecting facts, analyzing them and then reporting them.  At this position, one may need to write stories for newspapers, magazines or other news channels and this job falls under the category of reporting or that […]

Media Sales Executive Career

A media sales executive is one who is responsible for the marketing events and campaigns conducted by the company outdoor. The candidate has the primary task of selling advertising space to individuals and corporate.  Some of the other activities that a media sales executive is required to undertake are prepare event budgets, engage in statistical […]

Technical Editor Career

Career Description A technical editor acts as a proof reader who reviews and modifies technical content in a company. The technical writer works with a team of technical writers who produce technical writing, manual and documentation in the company. The job of a technical editor is to ensure that the technical writing generated by the […]

Media Careers

Overview In a world that is communications-driven,media careersare multiplying by the day and offer an array of career opportunities.  Media careers throw open many different fields and one can choose a career path according to one’s choice. You canbecome a part of the media industryif you have good communication skills both written and verbal.  It […]

Sports Journalism Career

A sports journalism career refers to those jobs where one reports news stories related to sports and sportspersons. Sports consist of an important part of a news report or bulletin and most organizations have a separate section for sports. These journalists must know the basics about sports in order to understand and report about it […]

Fashion Journalism Career

A fashion journalism career is an exciting one if you are interested in fashion, designers, models, clothes and accessories. A fashion journalist reports about the latest happenings in this field for a newspaper, magazine, blog, website or TV channel. He has to attend fashion shows, write a news or feature report, interview designers, models and […]

Video Editor Career

A video editor is someone who takes responsibility of editing a video from the raw footage available to him. It consists of the final stage of the production process and the final outcome of a video is dependent on good editing techniques. For any movie or news report, the cameraman takes many shots but all […]

Creative Writer Career

A creative writer is a person who uses his creativity to come up with original stories and then he needs to fine tune it or edit it to suit the needs of the magazine, newspaper or blog he is writing it for. It is a career where one may have to struggle to make a […]

Copy Editor Career

A copy editor is someone who corrects a written copy like an article or news report, check it for any typos, grammatical or spelling mistakes, factual errors and in some cases modifies the language to make it more suitable and at the same time not destroying its original style. They are employed by newspapers, magazines, […]

Content Writer Career

A content writer career refers to the job of a writer who specifically writes for the internet, thereby supplying content for websites. They are also known as web content writer and like in any other publication, they can write about a wide variety of topics. Some of these issues may be topical and newsy, while […]