Category: Medical Careers

Wildlife Veterinarian Career

A wildlife veterinarian is one who is in charge of the wellbeing of wildlife animals kept in captivity. The candidate needs to have good understanding of the behavior and illnesses that the wildlife animals are susceptible to. Some of the responsibilities that a wildlife veterinarian fulfills are monitoring wildlife animals, preparing meal schedules for the […]

Drug Therapist Career

A drug therapist is one who offers counseling to people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse in a rehabilitations center. The drug therapist has many responsibilities such as counsel patients suffering from abuse, provide treatment plans according to patient history, communicate progress with family members etc. The candidate should possess excellent communication skills apart from […]

Drug Testing Career

A career in drug testing is one which involves screening of drug and alcohol tests for assigned patients. The candidate has many important duties to fulfill such as collection and analysis of urine samples, make use of approved testing techniques and equipments during drug testing, and maintain proper records for specimens collected etc. The candidate […]

Radiologist Assistant Career

A radiologist assistant is one who provides assistance to a radiologist in diagnosis of diseases suffered by the patients. There are many responsibilities that the candidate fulfills such as ascertaining the medical history of the patient, undertake radiologic procedures, analyze radiologic images etc. The candidate should have good knowledge of the medical technology besides possessing […]

Clinical Neuropsychology Career

A clinical neuropsychology candidate is responsible for assessing, diagnosing and giving the treatment to the patients. A Clinical neuropsychology candidate provides the cure after evaluating the medical, neurological, neurodevelopment and psychiatric condition of the patients. They are trained professionals who can study the learning and cognitive disorders of the patients with the help of their […]

Pediatric Audiologist Career

A pediatric audiologist is a medical professional whose primary job is to diagnose and heal hearing complications in children. These individuals do not only handle hearing issues but may also treat speech disorders or complications in children. A pediatric audiologist work at private clinics, privately owned medical centers or even governmental hospitals etc to provide […]

Pediatric Physical Therapist Career

A pediatric physical therapist is that professional of the field of medical science who treats and looks after the medial ailments of children from birth to the age of 18. These individuals treat those who have problems in moving body parts and performing various kinds of physical activities etc. These individuals also treat genetic, neurological […]

Sports Massage Therapist Career

A sports massage therapist is an individual who uses the techniques of massage therapy to cure a sports related injury. These individuals are often employed with sports teams and sports coaching institutes and may also work on an independent basis. Sports massage therapist must possess exceptional knowledge of massage therapies and should also have a […]

Medical Laboratory Scientist Career

A medical laboratory scientist is an individual who works in all the areas of clinical laboratory and are responsible for a number of duties such as bacteriological diagnosis, tests of blood, stool, urine, other body fluids and many other specimens as well. These individuals are often employed at places like labs, hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices […]

Medical Lab Assistant Career

Any person who works in a medical or clinical lab to help the medical lab scientists or professionals in their day to day tasks is known as a medical lab assistant. As a medical lab assistant, there are many duties and responsibilities which a person has to fulfill.  He/she has to prepare and test samples, […]