Category: Nursing Careers

Dermatology Nurse Career

Career Description Dermatology Nurses are the health care service providers who assist patients having skin troubles. Their services are focused on skin care segment and they are the trained nursing professionals. They offer technical and supportive patients care in the segment of dermatology as they are specifically trained in skin care section. To become a […]

Nurses in America: Where They’re Going, Where They’ve Been

The field of nursing is at a critical juncture. Greater access to health insurance, an aging population and decreases in the number of primary care physicians mean more patients and less support in a rapidly changing environment. At the same time, nurses are also standing on the cusp of new possibilities thanks to advances in […]

Pediatric Oncology Nurse Career

The main purpose of hiring a pediatric oncology nurse is to treat and look after the children in hospitals who are affected with cancer. The pediatric oncology nurse may work in nursing homes, cancer centers, etc. where there is enough supervision of the nurses and doctors to take care of cancer patients. Candidates who would […]

Toronto Nurse Career

Profession as a Toronto nurse would involve taking care of patients of any age in a part time or full time career who meets the Toronto nurse education and work experience requirements. Candidates who would like to become a Toronto nurse should have an understanding of working in situations where the is a need to […]

Operating Room Nurse Career

Career as an operating room nurse involves working in the operating rooms where treatments and surgeries are carried out. The operating room nurse should work under the supervision of the doctor. They are supposed to constantly monitor the health of the patient, carry out the necessary tests and procedures as directed by the physician or […]

Anesthetist Nurse Career

Candidates who are aiming to obtain the position of an anesthetist nurse should complete their education in nursing courses and also earn registration to start working in this field. Candidates must at least complete their bachelor degree nursing program in order to apply for the position of an anesthetist nurse. There are also associated nursing […]

Fertility Nurse Career

The job of a fertility nurse is to help the patient during delivery operations – both normal and caesarian. Candidates who would like to become a fertility nurse need to take care of the patients before and after the delivery for keeping the mother and baby in good medical condition. The main responsibility of a […]

Geriatric Nurse Career

Geriatric nurses are those nurses who are concentrated at carrying our nursing for elderly patients. The job of a geriatric nurse goes far beyond the medical care because older patients need someone to share their worries, and live in an environment where there are no binding rules. In order to become a geriatric nurse¸ candidates […]

Anesthesia Nurse Career

Candidates who are aiming to become anesthesia nurses should be aware of the job responsibilities that are to be performed in this position which includes but not limited to administering anesthesia, working with doctors during treatments, etc. Candidates should possess a post-graduation in nursing with specialization in anesthesia. Given below is some of the other […]

Hospice Nurse Career

The main responsibility of a hospice nurse is to maintain proper data and updated status of patients, assisting doctors in carrying out medical procedures, providing timely support and medicine to the patients, etc. Most of the patients that hospice nurses have to handle are those who are facing ailments that cannot be fully recovered from. […]