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Oil Careers

Oil industryincludes “exploration, extraction refining, transporting and marketing” of petroleum products.  In today’s energy-driven world, Oil is one of the most sought after reserves in the world and consequently,oil careersare in great demand by all age groups.  The industry offers various types of careers depending on the aptitude, qualifications and experience. Oil industry products touch […]

Chemical Engineer Career

The chemical engineer career is involved in the research, design, and improvement of various products.  It is the chemical engineer’s job to apply his knowledge in addressing issues surrounding the manufacture, production, and use of products. The chemical engineer is tasked to design manufacturing systems and equipment, design buildings, create new products, do research work, […]

Oil Rig Driller Career

An oil rig driller plays an important part in the daily operations in an oil rig.  The tasks of an oil rig driller includes providing supervisors with updates on oil rig operations, ensure compliance to policies and guidelines, operate and maintain different tools and equipment, supervise drilling team or crew,  oversee daily drilling operations, train […]

Oil Broker Career

The oil broker career involves crude oil trade.  The oil broker is tasked to match sellers with buyers, buy and sell oil futures, arrange and facilitate trade of oil products, look for probable clients, monitor market movement, and analyze oil trade.  Being in an oil trade entails one to decisions that are immediate and wise […]

Geological Engineer Career

The geological engineer takes on a role in studying the earth’s natural resources to develop technology that will collect energy resources.  The tasks of a geological engineer include searching for mineral deposits, petroleum, groundwater, and metal. He is to develop strategies on how to use natural energy resources without compromising the environment.  He provides consultation […]

Mining Engineer Career

The mining engineer plays a very important part in the mining industry.  The mining engineer is responsible for designing mining ventilation systems, underground railroad, cutting machines, moving conveyors, and other mining equipment.  He also acts as the consultant in the manufacture and distribution of mining equipment. Aside from this, a mining engineer may be hired […]

Nuclear Engineer Career

A nuclear engineer is an expert on how nuclear energy can be used.  The tasks of a nuclear engineer includes designing nuclear energy systems and technology, providing solutions to various nuclear energy-related issues, creating new products and methods, design nuclear containment devices, and research on the use and production of nuclear energy.  He can design […]

Oilfield Operator Career

The oil field career takes on roles in oilfield operations.  The oil field operator is tasked to maintain equipment, make daily equipment inspection, check compliance with operational requirements, ensure safety, operate vehicles, and complies with rig procedures. He is to coordinate with the supervisor and maintenance staff. All operational deficiencies are reported by the oilfield […]

Petroleum Landman Career

The career of a petroleum landman involves exploration of oil and gas sites to check its production potential. A petroleum landman specializes in petroleum work. The petroleum landman handles the coordination of site exploration, oversee geological procedures and activities, assess cost of oil and gas wells, and monitor production. To become successful in a petroleum […]

Well Drill Operator Career

The well drill operator career takes on responsibilities in drill operations.  A well drill operator may work on various types of drills to take out water, salt deposits, and mineral samples.  He drills and bore holes for blasting, anchoring or building foundations.  He also does water-well drilling operations to assess the environment.  He performs maintenance […]