Category: Real Estate Careers

Real Estate Economist Career

A real estate economist is one who provides analysis of the real estate market in terms of demand and supply. The candidate is required to undertake research of the real estate market and provide an analysis of the various trends that affect the real estate industry on the whole. Even the financial aspects of real […]

Real Estate Salesperson Career

Career Description A real estate salesperson is one who is in charge of the sales activities in a real estate company. The candidate has many duties to fulfill such as meet clients to discuss the possibilities of sale or purchase of property, provide costs and inspection of property, provide market estimates and prices to clients, […]

Real Estate Careers

The attitude towards real estate careers has undergone a change in the past few years.  This has mainly been because of the “bubble burst” of the real estate industry.  However, now that the worst is over, things in Real estate can only get better. Real estate primarily deals with the buying, selling, leasing and managing of residential, […]

Real Estate Investor Career

A real estate investor is a professional who tries to make a portfolio of investments in the field of real estate. Candidates who would like to become real estate investor should have relevant industry knowledge in commercial and residential real estate and must make use of the right time to make profitable investments. Candidates who […]

Real Estate Law Career

A real estate lawyer helps real estate investors, clients and others in legal issues so that everyone complies with the land laws, regulations and federal requirements. Real estate laws can also work independently and build their own network of clients. Candidates who would like to become a real estate lawyer should definitely have education in […]

Real estate Marketing Career

A real estate marketing professional tries to help real estate investors to market their investments so as to increase the sales of the real estate constructions and improve the marketability of the real estate investment products. A real estate marketing professional is also referred to as the sales agent in some quarters as the sales […]

Real estate Accountant Career

Real estate accountants provide accounting and financial support in terms of making periodic reports, understanding the real estate market and interpreting to help the real estate investors to make intelligent investments. Candidates who would like to pursue the career as a real estate accountant should definitely have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and preferably a […]

Residential Real Estate Career

Career description: A residential real estate professional is mainly entrusted with the responsibility to deal with real estate business dealings concentrated on the residential plots and property. The residential real estate professionals should carefully be able to study the real estate residential sector, should be able to value the property as accurately as possible, should […]

Survey Researcher Career

Career description: A survey researcher is a professional who aims to collect data through various kinds of surveys and process that into information that can be helped by businesses in various forms for better management thinking and decision making. Surveys can be in the form of interviews, questionnaires, phone calls, etc. The role of a […]

Associate Broker Career

Career description: An associate broker works under the supervision of a senior broker like a real estate broker and performs the job role of helping them with real estate buying and selling business. The associate broker should be well familiar with the real estate industry, should know how to value different types of properties, aware […]