Category: Research Careers

Drug Safety Specialist Career

Career Description Drug Safety Specialists are the professionals who attain additional information and training about the research on the drug information along with evidence based evaluation of any drugs and formulation management. They are also trained in designing of the drug policies along with disbursement methodologies. They inform and educate the patients and medical professionals […]

Research Careers

Regardless, of whether an individual is a fresh graduate or experienced worker, research careers can be opted at any point of time. This is a field which has a steady acclivity and would hardly ever saturate because research is an ongoing process of inventing new. An individual who has a research bend of mind can […]

Legal Research Career

The career as a legal research professional entails many opportunities in a wide variety of industries like law, insurance, finance, medical, etc. Candidates who would like to become a legal research professional needs to at least have a bachelor’s degree in legal or paralegal studies and also possess a mandatory certification course in Associate of […]

Research Geneticist Career

The job of a research geneticist is to deal with conditions or ailments related to genetics or heredity. The research geneticist spend enormous amount of time and effort to study the effect on genes on the immediate and future heirs and try to limit the exposure to harmful ailments. The research geneticist may also work […]

Pharmaceutical Research Career

A pharmaceutical research professional works to develop new drugs and medicines for various ailments by doing scientific analysis of the chemical combinations. There are many upcoming career prospects for prospective pharmaceutical researchers and candidates who choose this field will benefit from the developments in the pharmaceutical industry all over the world. The following are the […]

Neuroscience Research Career

The job of a neuroscience researcher is to understand the brain and its functions in order to develop better techniques for treating diseases and disturbances arising from the brain. The neuroscience researchers have excellent expertise of the nervous system and can detect any irregular behavior along with its treatment methodologies. Since there are many unknown […]

Academic Research Career

Candidates who want to pursue academic research can look for good career options in the academic institutions or research and development departments of various firms that are developed to concentrate on the academic orientated research. Academic research mostly is focused towards improvement of the learning techniques in schools and colleges and can often be restricted […]

Clinical Research Career

The clinical research professionals are important researchers in the field of medicine who do the trial and experimentation with different chemical compounds to find newer pastures of conducting clinical research. Candidates who would like to become clinical research professionals should be very good in chemistry in addition to mathematics, biology and physics. The following are […]

Operations Research Career

The roadmap for an operations research professional is very exciting and full of opportunities. The duty of an operations research professional is to take charge of operational activities and perform them to their utmost potential and efficiency. They balance between various variables like human resources, materials, machinery, cost, production, economies of scale, etc. Companies would […]

Nutrition Research Career

Candidates who would like to become nutrition researchers have interest and inclination to pursue food science with a research bent of mind. Candidates who work towards nutrition researcher are also considered excellent dietitians and possess good knowledge of the health requirements of the body. Nutrition researcher can be conducted in a wide variety of topics […]