Category: Research Careers

Forrester Research Career

Career description: The job of a Forrester researcher would include tracking the developments in the world of computing and computer technology. The Forrester researcher would continuously probe how the evolving needs of business can be fulfilled by advancements in the way computing is done all over the world. Career option as a Forrester researcher is […]

Research Psychology Career

Career description: Research psychologists are the professionals that carry out studies and experimental trials in the field of psychology. They try and discover new knowledge and understanding in the psychological behavior of an individual. Their findings can help treat patients with mental disorder or psychological problems. Research psychologists, however, do not treat the patients themselves. […]

Research Analyst Career

Career description: A research analyst is one who does research in the financial services industry understanding the movements of prices, stocks, goods, etc. and the performance of companies and does comparison between them to analyze their future possibilities of creating growth and opportunities. Mostly the big investment banking firms employ research analysts and one has […]

Cancer Researcher Career

Career description: A cancer researcher is one who is dedicated towards conducting research on cancer, its symptoms, and its treatments. This is a very lucrative career but it needs immense effort and high qualification to become a cancer researcher. A cancer researcher tries to study the evolution of the disease so that he can identify […]

Clinical Research Nurse Career

Career description: A clinical research nurse works in clinical laboratory and carries out clinical sampling and experimentation. A clinical research nurse should be aware of the clinical standards that are to be abided by while carrying out the trail. They also have the follow the necessary guidelines issued by the federal government. The clinical research […]

Biomedical Research Career

Career description: As the name indicates, a biomedical researcher is a scientist in the field of biological medicine. The biomedical researcher takes part in undertaking tests on samples from the human body. The findings that biomedical researchers bring out can be used for fighting diseases, increasing immunity, preventing illnesses, and better treatment. Biomedical researchers can […]

Scientific Research Career

Career description: A scientific researcher is involved in preparing samples and conducting scientific experiments with the intent to develop new scientific procedures, increased knowledge, and enhanced improvements for the field of study. Candidates who are interested in this sector should pursue their study in their particular field of sciences, and get involved in analyzing and […]

Educational Research Career

Career description: An educational researcher is a research scientist who studies the field of education for enhancing its facilities so that effectively learning can be provided to students that promotes growth and learning of students in a positive environment. They analyze the subjects of study for various levels of education and students of various capabilities […]

Research Specialist Career

Career description: A research specialist is mainly involved in analyzing and bringing up new findings pertaining to his specialized sector or field. Good research specialists are inducted in educational institutions, industrial research and development centers, etc for conducting research in a field so as to introduce innovations in that field and to reap maximum benefits […]

Research Technician Career

Career description: Research technicians are those professionals that work in scientific laboratories and conduct studies to examine and develop new findings. Research technicians also involve in lot of field visits to study the actual scenario and understand the realities on the ground. Research technicians may work in the field of chemistry, biology, agriculture, environment, etc […]