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Media Sales Executive Career

A media sales executive is one who is responsible for the marketing events and campaigns conducted by the company outdoor. The candidate has the primary task of selling advertising space to individuals and corporate.  Some of the other activities that a media sales executive is required to undertake are prepare event budgets, engage in statistical […]

Marketing Statistics Career

Marketing statistics is a career which involves the collection and study of data which helps one to understand the various factors influencing the market and its participants. A statistical analysis gives us knowledge about a specific sample of the population, what they think, need and what their views are. It helps to make decisions on […]

Skills Required for a Career in Marketing

A career in marketing requires certain skills and qualities which will help one perform his duties and responsibilities better and contribute positively towards the company. Some of these are general skills while others depend on the kind of marketing role one has, as there are many different types of jobs in this field. Although these […]

Career Development Plan in Marketing

Career development plan in marketing refers to the different strategies one develops in order to boost their career in marketing. It is very important to make goals when it comes to a career which will help you get more focus and plan your life accordingly. It gives you something to work for and increases your […]

Benefits of Career in Marketing

Marketing is a field which requires certain skills and qualifications that can be used not just in this particular profession but which can also be applied in other areas. Marketing as a career means to study the various factors which influence and affect a market and then develop strategies which will help the company to […]

Career in Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics is a field where experts and marketing professionals do research on various factors that influence the market, like the consumers, their habits, needs and preferences, demography, geography, distribution channels, prices, the competitors, their tactics and strategies and so on. This research and analysis is very important in understanding what the consumer wants and […]

Sales Negotiator Career

A sales negotiator career refers to a profession where a sales professional works for a retail, telecom, real estate, pharmaceutical, automobile or consumer durables company and use their business and communication skills to promote or sell a product or service in behalf of the company. They play an important part in the operations of a company which […]

Advantages of Career in Marketing

Marketing is one of the most dynamic and lucrative careers in today’s time and it offers a wide range of jobs depending on your experience, qualifications and work experience at the entry-level or at senior positions. There is scope for research, creativity, analysis and strategy making when it comes to marketing. Moreover, the skills that […]

Marketing Strategy Career

Marketing is a very important aspect of a company as the tactics and strategies made by this department are crucial in boosting the sales of the various products and services of the company and also to beat the rival competitors in the same sector. It takes a lot of research and knowledge about the market, […]

Sales and Marketing Careers

Sales and Marketing department of any company is very important, as the success of the company hinges on it.  These are the people who are generally in the limelight and are often seen climbing the corporate ladder with much ease. Sales and marketing careers can be yours if you have the right qualifications and aptitude.  […]