Category: Security Careers

Information Security Officer Career

Information security officer career refers to those jobs where an information technology or IT professional has the necessary expertise and skills to handle security of computer systems. There can be many jobs in this field depending on how qualified and experienced someone is. The main duty of this position is to guard the sensitive information […]

IT Security Analyst Career

IT security analyst career refers to those jobs where professionals trained in the field of computers and information technology take responsibility of handling all the security threats that may affect an organization’s computer system or websites. Nowadays all our information are stored in computers and sometimes those information may be sensitive and hackers might try […]

Security Systems Technician Career

A security systems technician career refers to those jobs where a person is given the responsibility for the installation, repair and maintenance of different types of security systems in a building. Every organization, company, residential apartment etc has a security system which protects the inhabitants of the building by having alarms for unauthorized entry, fire, […]

Social Security Representative Career

A social security representative works for the Social Security Administration (SSA) where they have to answer any queries of the beneficiaries related to social security, the various rules, benefits or policies. The SSA is in charge of 37 customer service centers throughout the nation and the social security service representatives either interact with the beneficiaries […]

Network Security Analyst Career

Network security analyst career refers to those IT professionals that are experts in the fields of information technology and various security measures needed to keep the computer network of an organization secured. These professionals may work alone or be part of team of analysts where their primary job duty is to provide protection to the […]

SAP Security Consultant Career

A SAP security consultant is someone who has knowledge of how to use various security products to protect the data and network of companies all around the world. SAP AG is a company which provides business technology solutions through its software and applications and its consultants protect the companies from virus attacks, phishing, theft of […]

Personal Security Career

Personal security career refers to a job where security agents and bodyguards undertake the responsibility of protecting a person who may under threat from someone or who may be very famous and high profile personality. Personal security is an ideal career if you have martial arts training, experience in the armed services and are in […]

Security Risk Management Career

A security risk management is a field where trained professionals supervise all work related to the management of computer security risk. He heads the department and allots responsibilities to the security risk researchers and administrators so that they can study what risks are possible in a particular scenario and gives suggestions on how those risks […]

Security Protective Services Career

Security protective services career refers to a profession where you are given responsibility of ensuring the safety of a person or persons from any external factors that may try to cause harm to him. Although it can generally refer to any security protective agency providing its services, it mainly means agents that are hired by […]

Security Researcher Career

A security researcher refers to a professional who studies the various security risks that a particular product may have to face and suggests measures on how those risks can be avoided. There can be many types of security researcher, both at the physical level or at the electronic level. In this case, we most refer […]