Category: Teacher Careers

Guidance Counselor Career

Career Description Guidance Counselor is required to provide guidance to the students who are undergoing study stress or need any other help related to managing time for studies, choosing appropriate subject, developing interest in studies and other such issues. These professionals also provide career guidance to the students. These professionals are mostly employed at schools […]

Assistant Professor Career

Career Description Assistant Professor is required to help the professors in carrying out various tasks. These tasks may include setting up assignments for the students, drafting examination papers, checking the answer sheets, preparing results, organizing different college events, making arrangements for college workshops and the likes. Assistant Professor’s career option is considered quite respectful and […]

Vocational Counselor Career

Career Description Vocational counselors provide career related advice to their clients. They need to understand their client’s interest and abilities and qualifications and guide them accordingly. Vocational counselor is required to stay updated with the latest developments in various industries as he needs to have complete information about the industries which are booming and those […]

Teacher Aide Career

Career Description Teacher Aide is basically required to help the teachers in handling various assigned tasks. Teacher Aide needs to work in association with the teachers and follow the instructions given by them. There job includes providing assistance in preparing study programs, Drafting question papers, checking the papers, maintaining decorum in the class, checking the […]

College Professor Career

Career Description College professor is required to teach the subject he specializes in to the college students. The career of a college professor is not limited to just teaching the subject in a classroom and preparing the students for examination, but involves a number of other tasks. He is required to ensure that the students […]

Geography Teacher Career

Career Description A geography teacher is required to teach geography to the students. She needs to prepare geography assignments, test papers, take class room sessions and conduct examination. Geography teacher must also inculcate the student’s interest in the subject. Geography teacher also needs to look for new and innovative methods to make the classroom sessions […]

Environmental Science Teacher Career

Career Description Environmental Science teacher is required to teach the subject of environmental science to the students. It is the duty of the environmental science teacher to impart proper knowledge about the subject to the students. These teachers are required to develop the student’s interest in the subject by using innovative methods. They need to […]

ESL Teacher Career

Career Description ESL Teacher is required to teach English to students whose native language is not English but who are required to settle in United Kingdom for a long time or may be even permanently. ESL Teachers need to educate their students about the UK culture and train them in the English language so that […]

Foreign Language Teacher Career

Career Description Foreign language teacher is expected to teach the language she has attained expertise in. Like the other teachers her job also revolves around preparing assignments for the students, conducting examination, checking the examination papers, taking class room sessions and handling a number of other related tasks. It is her duty to ensure that […]

High School Biology Teacher Career

Career Description As the name suggests, a high school biology teacher is required to teach the subject of biology to the high school students. High school biology teacher is required to look for new and innovative ways to make the subject interesting for the students; this may include a trip to some botanical garden, etc. […]