Category: Technician Careers

Operating Room Technician Career

An operating room technician is an employee of a medical facility or a hospital who is required to provide assistance and support to surgeons, nurses and other medical professional while they are operating on a patient.  These employees have to handle a variety of duties and responsibilities of which some include transporting patients to the […]

Crime Scene Technician Career

Career Description A crime scene technician is one who is involved in the investigation of a crime. Some of the duties that the crime scene technician undertakes are processing of proofs at the crime scene, obtaining finger prints, obtaining forensic imaging, preserving obtained samples from crime scene, providing documentation for evidence collected etc. The candidate […]

Behavioral Health Technician Career

Career Description A behavioral health technician assists people suffering from behavioral problems by organizing therapy according to the gravity of the problem. The behavioral health technician has many crucial responsibilities that begins with assisting doctors in treating patients who have been under some kind of substance abuse, psychological trauma, mental imbalance or any kind of […]

Forensic Science Technician Career

Career Description The duty of identification, collection and analysis of evidence of crime samples from the place of crime is the job of a forensic science technician. There are many duties that a forensic science technician has to perform such as perform tests on evidence obtained from crime scene on hair, skin tissue or fibers […]

Genetics Laboratory Technician Career

Career Description A Genetics laboratory technician analyses and study the biological specimens like bone marrow, blood, amniotic fluid and Tumours in the patients. Their role is to find out the genetic abnormalities by evaluating the DNA/RNA structures. Genetic disorders can be easily identified with the help of the elaborated study of DNA and RNA. Genetics […]

Hyperbaric Technician Career

Career Description A Hyperbaric technician is one who performs the approved hyperbaric oxygen therapies on the patients. Hyperbaric chamber and hyperbaric support systems are operated and monitored by the hyperbaric technician. On the daily systems the necessary maintenance is performed by the hyperbaric technician. He or She must rely on the judgement and experience for […]

Instrumentation Technician Career

Career Description An Instrumentation technician is responsible for testing and repairing the instrumentation systems which are used by the production equipments. They ensure the adherence to the performance levels and product qualities that are established before. They must attain the common knowledge of practices, concepts and procedures used earlier. To perform the function of this […]

Central Service Technician Career

Career Description Central Service Technicians are required to take care of the systems/ equipments being used by their clients. They need to maintain these systems/ equipments and repair them as and when required. These professionals are basically required to serve their clients and ensure that the later are satisfied with the services given. Central service […]

Broadcast Technician Career

Career Description Broadcast technicians are required to operate the electronic equipments which enable the transmission of the radio and television shows. With the help of the broadcast equipments the broadcast technicians put the TV and radio shows on air. These professionals are also required to maintain these electronic equipments so that these can be used […]

Petroleum Technician Career

Career Description Petroleum technician are employed at oil and gas well production sites and are required to make use of laboratory equipments and other instruments in order to accomplish various assigned tasks. Petroleum technicians work in association with the science team which studies the geologic condition and analyzes it. How to become a Petroleum Technician […]