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Telecom Careers

These days’ telecom careers or jobs in the field of telecommunication are the most in-demand sector of work. The return from this industry is splendid that offers lucrative salaries. It is made possible by the vast area of telecommunications backed by the country’s technological milieu. This sector is highly productive and accounts for a huge […]

Telecom Billing Manager Career

Career Description: The role of a telecom billing manager is very important in a telecom company as they are held responsible for handling the billing and collection processes of a company. The telecom billing manager takes telephone calls from the customers and updates the collections for a period of time. How to become a Telecom […]

Telecom Billing Analyst Career

Career Description: The job description of a telecom billing analyst involves maintaining transaction account details on various customer accounts like data and wireless accounts. The telecom billing analyst should do the online validation and approval of the invoices and correct for any mistaken entries or errors. The telecom billing analyst is responsible for maintaining a […]

Telecom Telephone Line Installer Career

Career Description: The job of a telecom telephone line installer is an operational entry level job that entails installation and repair of telecom telephone lines at the operational and customer office site. The candidates who want to become a telecom telephone line installer should have the necessary knowledge of basic telephone connections and installation apart […]

PBX Installer Career

Career description: The job of a PBX installer is to test, analyze and repair circuits and telephone related equipments using hand tools. These equipments are majorly related to the field of telecommunications and the testing and analysis of the repair happens at the customer site. The main alternatives of carrying out the test, analysis and […]

Telecom Customer Relationship Manager Career

Career Description: A telecom customer relationship manager is one who takes care of the customer queries that arise out of usage of the telecom products and services of a company. The telecom customer relationship manager maintains a team of able professionals who look after various segments of the customer issues and resolves them at the […]

Telecom Accounts Manager Career

Career description: The role of a telecom accounts manager involves listening to the customer queries related to telecom and resolving them. The main motto of the telecom accounts manager is to ensure maximum customer or client satisfaction. He or she needs to maintain the accounts of customer, particularly of the most valuable customers. The telecom […]

Telecom Administrator Career

Career Description: The main role of a telecom administrator is to fix the maintenance issues that arise in any telecom company. The role may include activities like resolving the telephone connectivity issues, installation of various software in telecom, etc. The candidates who want to become a telecom administrator should be aware of the telecom regulatory […]

Telecom Technician Career

Career Description: A telecom technician is a professional who is responsible for all the technical aspects and issues that arise in the field of telecommunications. The job responsibilities may include taking care of the various signaling disruptions, connectivity issues, etc. This is a specialized job that necessarily requires a professional with an educational background in […]

Telecom Network Engineer Career

Career Description: A telecom network engineer is a professional who is involved in dealing with technical issues related to the hardware and software in a telecom network. This position is very specialized and needs the expertise of experienced professionals to contribute towards improving the network operations of a telecom company. Candidates with a technical background […]