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Transportation Careers

Overview Transportation industrytouches almost all spheres of our lives, whether we realize it or not.¬†Transportation careersinclude air, water, land transportation, which in turn would include transportation of people as well as goods.¬† In effect, transportation affects our lives in every possible field.¬† It is ranked among the biggest industries today, employing millions of workers in […]

Heavy Truck Driver Career

A heavy truck driver is the one who transports heavy goods and materials from and to the warehouse and helps immensely to handle logistics and transportation of a firm. The main job of a heavy truck driver is to keep on driving for most part of the day and follow the rules and regulations of […]

Chauffeur Career

Chauffeurs are those professionals whose work requires them to maintain their cars or vans to transport individuals or goods while working independently or within an organization. The candidates who would like to work as a chauffeur should be able to manage their daily routine of driving to and fro without minimum or no time delay […]

CDL Driver Career

There is a good demand for commercial drivers with license (CDL) professionals because there is a requirement of carrying goods on trucks by trained commercial drivers. A CDL driver can work in small or large manufacturing firms and can help in transporting goods from one from to another to the satisfaction of the clients with […]

Dump Truck Driver Career

A dump truck driver is a professional who needs to drive the designated truck for pick up waste materials or stones or mud and dump them in areas where these materials are recycled or used up. In most of the western countries, the dump truck driver is employed for a special purpose to remove the […]

Van Driver Career

A van driver is one who carries goods from one place to another and facilitates the logistics and transportation in the supply chain model of a firm. Candidates who would like to become van drivers should be able to drive vans for long or extended periods on the roads. Candidates need not have any specialized […]

Route Driver Career

A route driver is a professional who is assigned the responsibility to take care of shipping or transporting goods to specific client locations. This helps their clients to keep a regular stock of goods at their disposal and replenish them at regular intervals. The other responsibilities of a route driver also include the promotion and […]

Personal Driver Career

A personal driver works generally with individuals and helps them drive along for all their tasks. Candidates who would like to become a personal driver need to have good driving experience, excellent rapport with people, and develop a personal trust and understanding to take responsibility for all the commuting to be done by the individual. […]

Professional Driver Career

A professional driver can be employed to drive tax, car, heavy motor vehicles, commercial vehicles, etc. The professional driver is responsible for carrying out the driving responsibilities for a firm as part of the regular ongoing or special requirement handling. Candidates who would like to become a professional driver need to possess a few years […]

Limousine Driver Career

A limousine driver is a professional who operates luxury cars like limousine. They can work as a private driver to limousine car owners. Or they can hire a limousine and work as a limousine driver while commuting passengers between various locations. Passengers who would like to use the services of a limousine driver should directly […]