Account Coordinator Career

Career Description:

In the area of marketing and advertising the account coordinator finds a career that is both fulfilling and challenging.  It is the job of an account coordinator to assist and support the team in providing an excellent promotional campaign for clients. The account coordinator is responsible for securing advertiser or media contact information, coordinating meetings and events, and preparing presentation materials.

Administrative or clerical duties such as data entry, handling phone calls, research, and coordination is part of the day-to-day activities of an account coordinator.  One is also expected to attend trainings and seminars that will help one gain new skills, techniques and strategies that may be useful for this type of career.  The account coordinator must be creative, personable and able to work with a team.

How to become an Account Coordinator

The aspiring account coordinator must earn a bachelor’s degree focusing on sales and marketing. To gain practical experience, one must get an internship.  It is a must that one gains at least a year of experience in the field of sales and marketing to be considered as an account coordinator.  Since an account coordinator’s job requires one to make presentations, one must undergo training in communication and computer applications.  Take specialization or advanced courses to have better employment opportunities.  Eventually, one may be considered for a management position as one pursues higher studies.

Account Coordinator Courses, training, programs

A degree program in marketing gives one a background in accounting, finance, business ethics, entrepreneurship, economics, statistics, leadership, business law and ethics and management. With a concentration in marketing, one is able to grasp principles in marketing, marketing research, marketing management, consumer behavior and types of marketing.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Colorado Technical University (online learning Colorado, Missouri, South Dakota)

McCann School of Business and Technology, Pennsylvania

National American University Online (online learning)

Post University (online learning, Connecticut)

Pittsburgh Technical Institute, Pennsylvania

Account Coordinator Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An account coordinator may earn from $26,693 to $49,043 per year.  One may find employment in various advertising agencies, public relations offices, marketing companies, media management, insurance companies and other private organizations.

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