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Career Description:

In a world where competition in the business arena seems tight, there is a need for new strategies and techniques in coming up with advertising campaigns.  The marketability of a product or service depends on the advertising team.  The account planner is part of that team.  His responsibility is to come up with ideas for an advertising campaign to address the needs of a client.  To do this the account planner needs to gather and analyze market data or information.

He is responsible to run a group of researchers to research on specific products or services, consumers and strategies.  These strategies and ideas are then creatively developed and presented to the specific client and staff.  The campaign strategy is then evaluated by the account planner through the market response.  The account planner must be organized, creative, and analytical.  The key to success for this type of career is through one’s ability to communicate, negotiate and network.

How to become an Account Planner

In order to start one’s career as an account planner, one must earn a bachelor’s degree that focuses on advertising, business, marketing, and other related field.  Get employed and gain an experience in sales and marketing.  Get training while on the job and acquire the skills needed for the job.  To further hone and advance, one may get training through various associations.  Training programs for both new and experience account planners are available and would benefit one in the long run.

Account Planner Courses, training, programs

Advertising degree programs include topics such as advertising theories, marketing strategies, campaign methods, media and business management. The student has the opportunity to apply theories in practical activities included in the program.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

The University of Texas at Austin, Texas

Michigan State University, Michigan

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus, Pennsylvania

University of Florida, Florida

Account Planner Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An account planner has the opportunity to earn from $33,569 to $106,787 depending on one’s employer, location, experience and benefits.  Employment may be found in various industries such as advertising, marketing, media, and information management.

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