Accounting Supervisor Career

The accounting department in an organization or company keeps record and monitors all financial transactions.  Overseeing the accounting department is the responsibility of an accounting supervisor.  He makes sure that the accounting clerks under him are keeping track of all financial transactions accurately.  All accomplishing and monitoring payments, deposits, bank accounts, general ledgers and reconciliations fall under his duties.  It is his job to train and motivate his team.  He sees to it that they follow all policies and guidelines of the organization.  The accounting supervisor must have leadership and interpersonal skills.

How to become an Accounting Supervisor

To become an accounting clerk one must earn a degree in accounting.  He must have a background in business, finance, statistics and economics.  One must be excellent in working with numbers and computer systems.   One must also take the certification exam required of accountants and pass it.  Becoming a professional accountant makes one credible and gives one a better chance of landing a job.  Volunteer programs that will help one gain experience in supervising are avenues one can look into.  Working as an accounting clerk or bookkeeper will help one gain the necessary skills and experience needed for this career path.

Accounting Supervisor Courses, training, programs

Courses and training programs in accounting gives one the opportunity to become successful in an accounting career.  One is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.  A student is given background in accounting, finance and financial management, making and accomplishing financial reports/statements, bookkeeping, analyzing data, and how to deal with financial issues. Volunteer programs, on the other hand, equip one with practical skills.  On-the-job training also gives an individual an experience of the real world of accounting.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Texas at Austin, Texas

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

University of Chicago, Illinois

University of Illinois-Urbana, Illinois

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Michigan

Accounting Supervisor Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

From within any private or public organization, an accounting supervisor earns an average of $69,307 annually.  Aside from formal training and education, he must have ample experience as an accounting clerk or bookkeeper to be considered as a accounting supervisor.

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