Accounts Receivable Analyst Career

An accounts receivables analyst is a professional who works in the AR (Accounts Receivables) division and may work in multiple roles such as stock keeping, accounts maintenance, customer contact and amount collection, etc. The accounts receivables analysts need to work in a professional manner and interact with clients on a daily basis to maintain a healthy record of accounts.

The following are the requirements and career related information in order to become an accounts receivables analyst.

How to become an Accounts Receivable Analyst:

In order to become accounts receivables analyst, courses that are most sought after by candidates are doctor of business administration, MBA in Finance, Associate of Business in Accounting, Post Baccalaureate Certificate in accounting, MBA – Finance Concentration, BBA – Banking Concentration, AA in Accounting, Diploma in Accounting, etc.

Accounts Receivable Analyst career courses, training, programs:

Candidates can take up additional courses and certifications in auditing and accounting, book keeping, etc. These can be very helpful to candidates and they would be able to improve their understanding and knowledge in the sector of AR.

Accounts Receivable Analyst career schools/colleges, education:

Some of the best known colleges and universities that teach courses in accounts and finance are given below. They emphasize on not only the theoretical learning but also practical application of concepts.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Baker College Online

The University of Liverpool

Jones International University

Southern New Hampshire University

Strayer University

Accounts Receivable Analyst job opportunities, salaries/pay:

There are many popular industries that would like to induct account receivables analyst that includes sectors like health care, insurance, medical billing and collection services, retail or wholesale distribution, life insurance, etc. The hourly rate paid to account receivables analyst is in the range of $11 to $21.

The total compensation of an account receivables analyst comes to about $26,000 to $54,000 per annum. These estimates are taken from the Pay Scale website after conducting extensive salary research in the United States.

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