Accounts Receivable Clerk Career

The career of an accounts receivable clerk revolves around tracking and handling of a company’s inflow of money. The accounts receivable clerk is to perform duties that are clerical, financial, and administrative.  Tasks of an accounts receivable clerk would include tracking and collection of money, billing, filing and maintenance of client files, preparation of bank deposits, post transactions and receipts, update billing system, accomplish accounting reports, and operate different office equipment.

Since this type of career entails one to handle clients, one must have skills in communication, human relations and customer service.  One will also work with numbers, so skills in math and computation is needed as well.  Skills in organization and analysis will also help one in accomplishing all the tasks required.  Though it is not a requirement, an accounting degree will provide one with the necessary background skills required of an accounts receivable clerk career.

How to become an Accounts Receivable Clerk

To become an accounts receivable clerk, one must at least have a high school diploma or GED.  Some employers prefer individuals with accounting degrees.  Gain relevant experience in accounting or -accounts receivable work.  Employers provide on-the-job training to prepare one for the different tasks and duties of an accounts receivable clerk.  Aside from accounting skills, one must have skills and background in computer applications and math.

Accounts Receivable Clerk Courses, training, programs

An accounting degree prepares an aspiring accounts receivable clerk with the various tasks that this career requires.  The program provides background in various areas such as financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, public and non-public accounting, taxation, auditing, international accounting, business law and ethics, economics, management, communication and information systems.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Texas-Austin, Texas

Brigham Young University, Utah

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

University of Notre Dame, Indiana

University of Southern California, California

Accounts Receivable Clerk Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

An accounts receivable clerk has an opportunity to earn from $25,195 to $42,877 per year.  The salary would depend on the work location, employer, experience and benefits.  Employment may be found in various private or public offices/companies.

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