Actuarial Career

Actuaries are individuals who are required to analyze given data and then pass verdicts and make decisions about the chances of a financial disaster. An actuary is expected to be good at mathematics, finance and statistics. The career of an actuary can be compared to that of a risk manager who too has to study given conditions and data to decide whether or not the conditions are favorable for financial crisis or not. The following given part of the article will help you understand the career of Actuarial sciences better.

How to become an Actuarial:

If you are interested in becoming an Actuary, then from school level onwards, you must have a strong hold over numbers and finance and passing high school is a definite requirement. Bachelor’s degree in any subject, especially maths, statistics, finance, economics etc can be an ideal choice for a person who wants to become an actuary. There is no need to pursue post graduation because one has to appear for actuarial examinations which are a separate entity.

Actuarial career courses, training, programs:

One can take up actuarial sciences classes at an institute or sign up for courses related to finance, risk management, Economics, Mathematics or Statistics to learn the basic things about actuarial sciences. If you are taking an actuarial science coaching from an institute, then you must appear for Actuarial sciences examinations and try to clear as many as possible.

Actuarial career schools/colleges, education:

There are several colleges and universities which offer actuarial sciences related courses and programs. These courses provide the education and skills which are required to clear the first and most basic examinations of actuarial sciences.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Arizona State University

Baldwin-Wallace College

Ball State University

Michigan University

Actuarial job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The job opportunities for actuaries are in plenty and they may find employment in insurance companies, business firms and even banks. The average salary earned by an actuary depends upon job profile, experience and other factors but is somewhere around $150000.

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