Actuarial Consultant Career

The primary job of an actuarial consultant is to analyze the prevailing economic environment and perform financial forecast by applying statistical knowledge. As evident, the focus of the actuarial consultant rests on the mathematical speculation of the market and its returns at various spans of time. The investors often hire the actuarial consultant to seek advices on the potential pockets of putting money and assets.

How to become an actuarial consultant:

An undergraduate degree in statistics from a very good college is compulsory. The norm is to go for further studies and attain a graduate degree in statistics or mathematics from a good university.

Those who opt for computer science or finance as minor subjects in their under-graduate studies have a slight edge over others.

The ones with a doctorate in statistics or mathematics secure high posts as actuarial experts in public and private organizations.

Courses, trainings, programs:

The training for becoming an actuarial consultant is rigorous. The candidates need to pass a series of exams conducted by the Actuarial Society of America. The certificates obtained after passing the each of the exams are accredited all over USA and world.

The modules of studies are generally based on advanced statistics and financial engineering.

Actuarial Consultant career, schools/colleges, education:

Those who are interested to become actuarial consultants base their undergraduate and graduate studies on statistics and mathematics with bit of computer science and finance.

The education system in the USA is quite developed in teaching the candidates about the various intricate tenets of this subject. There are options to study actuarial science as a subject.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  • William and Mary College
  • University of California, Los Angeles
  • Michigan State University
  • Harvard College
  • New Jersey State University

Actuarial Consultant job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The actuarial consultancy companies hire the actuarial experts and allocate them very high paying jobs. As per the stats of the labor department, the starting remuneration hovers around $70,000/annum exclusive of incentives.

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