Acupuncturist Career

Career Description

Acupuncturist career is a popular career in alternate health and medicine sector. It is a Chinese therapy, based on healing the pain by pressing some particular point of our body. Acupuncturist uses needles with their hands or by electronic stimulation to insert in patient’s body at some fixed points to release their pain. This therapy works mainly in headache, body pain, joint pain, hormonal disorders stroke-rehabilitation and for many other body problems. 

How to Become an Acupuncturist

The acupuncturist is expected to be very expert and well trained before starting the practice. There are many pressure points in our body and the treatment needles come in various sizes and in numbers. Therefore, the acupuncturist should be well aware of all these things. He should be careful while pressing the points, expected to be a calm natured person to understand the grievances of patient, and could suggest the appropriate treatment.

Acupuncturist Courses, Training Programmes

In United States, many states are providing various degree programmes for this job. A postgraduate programme of 3 years in alternate medicine is available. However, to get admission in this programme one must have a UG degree in science biology. Many accredited school is providing certificate courses for acupuncturist career.

Acupuncturist School/College/Education

A master degree in acupuncturist career could make you eligible to get admission in certificate course of those accredited schools. Before starting the practice as an acupuncturist these certificate programmes provide you 2 years theoretical knowledge and one year practical experience of this field.

Top 5 Schools/Colleges/Universities

  1. Pacific College of Oriental medicine
  2. New York College of Health Profession
  3. Everglades University
  4. PCU College of Holistic Medicine
  5. National University of Health Science

Acupuncturist Job Opportunities/Recruitment/Salary

The acupuncturist jobs are available both in alternate medicine hospitals and one can pursue independent practice as well. The average salary ranges from $32,000 to $65,000 per annum in different states.

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