Administration Director Career

The administration director, which is also known as administrative director, is a likely career for a person who is born to lead. With a big responsibility of overseeing the daily operations of an organization, he must have the skills in coordination, communication and management.  The administration director is responsible for supervising the staff, developing programs, evaluating activities, managing budget, handling financial activities and transactions, developing of guidelines and policies, and implementing them. The type of working environment and relationships within the organization is dependent on his leadership.

How to become an Administration Director

An aspiring administration director must have a degree in business administration, finance, or other related field.  To be able to move forward in this career path, it is best to earn an MBA.  One can be considered in this position by having several years of experience in a management post.  Having strong leadership skills and a proven track of efficiently managing projects is a gateway for those aspiring for this type of career.  Getting mentored and trained will enable one to gain the necessary knowledge and skills.  One must continue to have the drive to learn and be updated with the various business trends and technologies.  This will help one have an edge and be ahead of others in the industry.

Administration Director Courses, training, programs

Business administration courses equip a student with skills in management, budgeting, communication, administration and organization.  One is also trained in using computer applications or software used in business.  Training programs available to enhance one’s knowledge and skills as an administration director will serve one well.  It is necessary for leaders to continue learning so as to bring change and become a valuable player in the organization.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Harvard University, Massachusetts

Stanford University, California

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts

Northwestern University, Illinois

Administration Director Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The administration director can earn as much as $41,774 to $87,554 per year.  Moving up to this position depends on an individual’s education, skills and experience.  One may find employment in various private or public organizations.

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