Administration Career Opportunities, salaries and recruitment

There are a number of job opportunities in the administrative sector. Any thriving organization owes its success to good administrators.    Statistics estimate that administrator careers are expected to grow by about 6.2 % up to the year 2014.

Depending on your chosen field, you can gain employment in the admin side.  If your choice is Health administration, then the jobs in this field are expected to grow about 16% between the years 2006 and 2016.

However, those opting for office and administrative support jobs may not see such a large number job openings.  The employment opportunities in this sector are expected to grow less than average.  This has been attributed largely due to the fact that new and modern technology is replacing the need for people here.

One way of gaining employment in administration jobs, is going through the Administrative Careers with America (ACWA)program.  This is available through the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and allows you to apply for entry-level administrative jobs in various sectors.  The fields in which you can apply through this program are Health, Business, Finance and Management, Administration to name a few.

Some of the job titles in administration careers include Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Executive Secretary, Administrative Coordinator, Administrative Manager etc.

The salary in the Administrative jobs can vary greatly depending on the job title you hold, your experience and also your qualifications.  The pay would also vary depending on the industry or organization you are working for.  The location of the work place also matters a great deal in determining the salaries.

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