Advantages of Career in Marketing

Marketing is one of the most dynamic and lucrative careers in today’s time and it offers a wide range of jobs depending on your experience, qualifications and work experience at the entry-level or at senior positions. There is scope for research, creativity, analysis and strategy making when it comes to marketing. Moreover, the skills that you gather in this job can be used in other professions too, even when you are no longer with the marketing team.

There are thus many advantages of a career in marketing. This department is very important for companies which primarily sell products and services to the consumer and hence depends on the marketing team to come up with promotional activities. Any contribution you make here influences the performance of the whole company and is a key factor in boosting revenues and beating out competition.

Here are a few advantages of a career in marketing:

  • The job outlook of this field is very good and employment is expected to grow at the rate of 12 per cent through the year 2018. This means if you have a job in marketing, you can expect many companies hiring you and also a good salary hike.
  • This field offers a variety of jobs depending on what you are interested in and what skills you have. With a degree in marketing, you can become a researcher, consultant, manager and work at the entry-level
  • It is a lucrative field with entry-level graduates getting $60,000 a year, senior level workers like marketing managers getting $120,000 a year, marketing researchers getting $61,000 and so on
  • Marketing careers help you expand you networking and networking is every important in this area, You meet new clients, make new contacts, which will also help you in other jobs too
  • A marketing career helps you to develop different skills like communication, analytical, networking skills and creativity

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