Advertising Account Executive Career

Career Description:

An advertising campaign helps a company or organization by making consumers aware and eventually purchases the products and services offered. Advertising agencies play a big part in helping various companies or organizations reach the market.  Bridging an advertising agency to the client is the advertising account executive.

The advertising account executive handles the accounts of clients by building relationships, knowing their product and services, and knowing their target market.  Based on the needs of the client, the advertising account executive then creates and proposes an advertising campaign. The advertising account executive takes on the task of budgeting, scheduling and projecting profit or sales. To come up with a campaign, the advertising account executive works closely with graphic artists, photographers, media providers and writers.

How to become an Advertising Account Executive

The aspiring advertising account executive has the opportunity of starting his career by earning a bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, business or other related field.  Gain relevant experience by getting an internship or apply for an entry level position in an advertising agency.  Pursuing higher studies and earning a master’s degree will help one eventually advance to managerial positions.

Advertising Account Executive Courses, training, programs

An advertising degree allows a student to become equipped in product or service promotion and marketing.  The program includes courses in advertising theories, business of advertising, principles of marketing, marketing strategies, visual communication, promotion, copywriting, research methods, digital production and other concepts.  Through the program a student is able to acquire various skills which include communication, marketing, persuasion, copywriting, promotion and presentation skills.     

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

The University of Texas at Austin, Texas

Michigan State University, Michigan

Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania

University of Florida, Florida

Advertising Account Executive Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

The advertising account executive has an opportunity to be part of various advertising agencies.  The salary of an advertising account executive may range from $55,595 to $94,154 per year depending on one’s location, employer, experience and benefits.  One has the opportunity to move up to a managerial position is possible by earning advanced courses.

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